Pentagon’s next gen weapon: Laser weapon destroys truck

Pentagon’s next gen weapon: Laser weapon destroys truck

Pentagon’s next gen weapon: Laser weapon destroys truck

US military’s new laser weapon may prove a game changer for the Pentagon. There are reports that this new age military weapon is going to give major US military and civilian installations foolproof security.

This is also going to give unprecedented advantage to the US military in case of war as it will be able to pinpoint, attack and destroy enemy military vehicles, attack aircrafts besides other weapons.

Experts are claiming that laser weapons will change the warfare completely in the years ahead. According to them the US is going to be the undisputed leader in this new age military weapon system.

lockheed martin laser weaponOn Tuesday Lockheed Martin announced to the entire world as to how it was able to disable a truck’s engine by merely deploying a new laser weapon system. The company said that it used the laser weapon at the truck from a mile. They have named the new weaponry Advanced Test High Energy Asset (ATHENA).

The company is very excited about the new weapon system and claims that it may be deployed soon to protect vital military installations. “Fiber-optic lasers are revolutionizing directed energy systems,” Lockheed Martin’s CTO, Mr. Keoki Jackson said in a statement. The company said that the new laser based weapon system ATHENA is far more power efficient, smaller, and easier to deploy.

While talking about the power of the new weapon system the Maryland based company says that ATHENA is actually just a 30-kilowatt, single-mode fiber laser weapon system. Nonetheless it comes with precision techniques. Reports claim that it can take aim at car tire, or even a small satellite dish besides any other small arms or ammunition.

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