Pacquiao Mayweather will be the ultimate boxing fight


    All boxing fans agree on one simple thing that Pacquiao Mayweather will be the ultimate boxing fight

    Ortiz is a broken man. By broken I mean emotionally after losing badly against Floyd Mayweather Jr. He isn’t financially broken. He is in the best financial condition despite losing in a fashion that is least memorable.

    He and his team are demanding a rematch. But this is a dream that is as difficult for him to be true as his win in the last fight against Mayweather. He is a bad loser who is making people believe that his loss was not legal and it was controversial.

    Though many people have made it look like a controversial fight, nonetheless no one from the boxing world has called it a controversial fight. Amir Khan, the boxer from London who is among the most promising boxers right now has said that even he would have done the same thing in the given situation.

    Amir Khan is demanding a fight against Mayweather and boxing experts believe that given his rising star power he is a perspective boxer to face Mayweather Jr next year.

    But the only fight that is on everyone’s mind is Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight. Manny is top rated pound for pound boxer while Mayweather is second on the list of top pound for pound boxer. Experts believe that Mayweather Manny fight will be the highest grossing boxing event in the history of sports in the US. Estimates suggest that the fight may generate as much as $200 million. And the boxers can be paid as much as $80 million each and the rest of money can go to organizers and other related expenses.

    A reader who is feeling frustrated by Mayweather antics to refuse a fight with many says, “I hate to break it for those of us wishing for the big fight, but in Floyd’s latest post-fight conference, he was asked his usual volley of Pacquiao questions. And it’s interesting to note that he dropped his usual take-the-test rants. It could be due to the defamation suit, but It’s probably because he knows that Pacquiao is prepared to contractually agree to those tests. But what is discouraging is that he started off on a new tangent about how he won’t need Pacquiao because he can make 70 million on every fight.  You see what he’s doing is setting everyone up for the next excuse. It won’t be just about blood testing, but how to be guranteed a purse of 100 million. Because that is what he’s going to ask for, and that will be the kind of insane demand that will definitely kill any future fight between these two”.