OnePlus 2 open sale is good news for Indian fans

OnePlus 2 open sale is good news for Indian fans

OnePlus 2 open sale is good news for Indian fans

OnePlus 2 has already become one of very popular handsets for smartphone mavens. Had it not been for its invite only order method, it would already be breaking all the popularity charts. But like the first handset, the OnePlus 2 fans are enduring the pain of wait and more wait till they actually get an invite to buy the handset.

Nonetheless if you were among the people who were awaiting an invite and it was not coming your way, here is a short window. Yes, you can order the handset by bypassing the invite only system right now.

The company has announced that it is going to come out with open sale of OnePlus 2 handset. Nonetheless the open sale will not become a regular feature as the company has made it clear that the open sale will be only for limited period.

oneplus_twoThough many people were not ready to believe the reports as they thought them to be rumor and nothing else, nonetheless they had to believe it when it was confirmed by none other than OnePlus CEO Carl Pei on the company’s official forum.

While making the announcement on the forum OnePlus CEO Carl Pei said “With the OnePlus 2, we made rosy plans. We were more confident, and prepared a lot more inventory. We told our users it would be 30-50x easier to get invites, and they needn’t worry. Yet, we only began shipping in meaningful quantities this week, nearly a month after our initial targeted shipping date. You can talk all you want, but in the end, flawless execution speaks much louder than unfulfilled promises. I’d like to apologise on behalf of OnePlus for the delay”.

There is no denying the fact that OnePlus is plagued with shortage of handsets. It is not able to keep up with the demand. This is not just impacting its fans, but may dent the trust in the eyes of smartphone mavens. Pei has confessed that OnePlus 2 launch was again facing numerous issues like the past. “We simply messed up again and apologise for that. We don’t plan on making further promises for future launches, and will instead focus on showing the world how we’ve improved through our actions”.

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