BY | February 8, 2014

Though the Winter Olympics are held one in four years they are not easy to forget. There are iconic moments that are talked about for long. And some from Vancouver that still linger in our memory included a Sidney Crosby stellar performance for Canada and others—to name only a few from a long list of performances.

But that was four years back. Now let us talk about Sochi in Russia. Since February 7 when the 2014 Winter Olympics was unveiled with all fanfare and gusto all eyes are on Vladimir Putin’s Russia. With just a day gone, talks have begun about what special will mark this 22nd Winter Olympics.

Though it is too early to jump to conclusion, Olympics watchers strongly feel that there are many interesting things to unfold at Sochi until February 23 the last day of the game. Of them a few that are at the centre of attraction included role of Russia’s strongman Putin. It has been confirmed that Putin took keen interest in making the game a successful one despite taking an extra toll on country’s economy. About $51 billion has been pumped into the game in Sochi—the Black Sea resort area that is close to his vacation home. Also, he is known to have met athletes and officially personally to make sure that things go smooth until the end of the internationally-recognised event. Moreover the biggest challenge for Putin is to make the event violence free with Russian security forces hunting down radicals in the mountains towering above Sochi.

The return of skater Johny Weir is being watched with great interest in a city, whose, Mayor has insisted that no gay people live. The write-up will be incomplete without the mention of women jumpers. Sochi will come alive with their thrills. Also, at the centre of attraction is 18-year-old Mikaela Shiffrin. Moreover, the performance of Russian athletes will be watched closely at home. The country that bagged only three gold and overall 15 medals in Vancouver, will do all it can to improve its performance and be at the top. Team Russia is banking on many sensations to improve its gold tally. The one under pressure included Evgeni Plushenko, Alex Ovechkin and others.

Olympic Medal Tracker    Gold    Silver    Bronze
Norway Total: 3        1    1    1
Netherlands Total: 3    1    1    1
United States Total: 1    1    0    0
Sweden Total: 1        0    1    0
Canada Total: 1        0    0    1


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