Oldest Lion Safari Renuka Ji about to close in Himachal

Oldest Lion Safari Renuka Ji about to close in Himachal

Nahan: The oldest Lion Safari Shri Renuka Ji in Himachal Pradesh has taken another step for its closure as 11 years Lioness Megha has been died. With the death of Megha the number of wild cat has been reduced to two. Although the authorities of the wild life are awaiting the postmortem report of the Megha but sources said that Megha died due to uterus infection. Sources told NVO News that the lioness was died in the morning of 17th July but department kept precautions in stopping the leakage of the information to avoid any dispute in the area. But this information come out on Wednesday.

In April last year the wild life department had shifted two lionesses and one lion to Gopal pur and Chhatbir zoo Chandigarh on the recommendation of Central zoo authority(CZA). Although the department had claimed that the Asiatic lions were shifted on the recommendation of CZA, but question was raised why the department did not initiate steps to improve the pitiable condition of the Safari. After the death of the Megha the speculations are rife that Lion Safari would automatically closed with the death of left one lion and one lioness in the Safari.

The CZA did not want to increase the numbers of the lions as they suspected the genetic purity of the breed but again question was raised that why the department did not initiate steps to bring the pair of lion of different family. Experts say all lions in the Safari were from the same family, which could have caused genetic problem. It is worthwhile to mention here that the breeding of lion and lionesses was restricted since 2000. The closure of the Safari would be a setback to tourism at Renuka ji in Himachal. At the time of death 11 years Megha had dropped eating and discharge from Uterus was reported. Sources said that Megha was being diagnosed since past twenty days before her death. In the absence of the tranquilizer gun in the safari the wild cat is not being diagnosed properly. However a mild increase in temperature was also reported in the preliminary investigation.

The local people of the Renuka Ji said that if two more dies than it would automatically closed. As per as the information the number of Asiatic lion in the Safari had surpassed the 25 marks which has now come down to two.  Meanwhile Deputy Director Dr Parmod Gupta of animal husbandry department said that the lioness was diagnosed properly by local veteneary officer later an expert from Shimla also visited Safari. On the other hand Divisional forest officer (wild life) Sushil Kapta said that department was trying to brought a pair of lion and lioness from Karnataka.

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