Obama sings Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together: video


    Obama sings Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together at Apollo Theater. The video has gone viral since then and many say he was reasonably good.

    President Obama is in news for singing Al Green in a fundraising program where the participants had to shell out around $35000 to sit with him and have dinner. So the guys sitting there mustn’t be any Tom, Dick and Harry and they were fully entertained by President Barack Obama who is in a rush to raise funds and ensure his return to White House in the forthcoming Presidential Elections.

    So much is at stake. The US presidency is the world’s most high profile job where a president not just presides over the biggest army, but also the biggest economy in the world where despite the fact that much of the power and financial power has eroded, it is still the sole super power.

    It seems that President Obama who took the mike got carried away and sang a few lines from Rev. Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together. If he had to give an idea that he had singing in him he should have sang at least a few more lines. But what is sure right now is that Obama can really sing.

    That’s good to know. At least a president who couldn’t deliver on his promises of putting the economy back on track and bringing an end to wrong international policies of his predecessor can reduce people’s pain by singing a few lines of Rev. Al Green.

    But to be true, he is not the first president to take to singing. There have been many a Presidents in the past who have taken mike and done that include Bill Clinton, Thomas Jefferson, Harry Truman and Richard Nixon.