Nutrient Based Subsidy Scheme for Fertilizers is Being Implemented

Nutrient Based Subsidy Scheme for Fertilizers is Being Implemented

Nutrient Based Subsidy Scheme for Fertilizers is Being Implemented

The Nutrient Based Subsidy (NBS) Policy is being implemented w.e.f. 1.4.2010 by the Department of Fertilizers and under the said policy, a fixed amount of subsidy decided on annual basis, is provided on each grade of subsidized Phosphatic & Potassic (P&K) fertilizers depending on its Nutrient Content. At present 22 grades of P&K fertilizers are covered under the NBS policy.

The benefits accruing to the farmers are as under:

i. The P&K fertilizers are made available to farmers in adequate quantities.
ii. More grades of P&K fertilizers have brought under the purview of the NBS Scheme giving the farmers wider choice to use complex fertilizer grades.

To improve fertility of soil and promote sustainable agriculture in the county, the Government is implementing the following schemes/projects:

I. Soil Health Management (SHM) programme under National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) assists State Governments in following components:

i. Setting up of static/mobile soil testing laboratories (STLs).
ii. Strengthening of static/mobile STLs.
iii. Training and demonstrations on balanced use of fertilizers.

II. In current year, Soil Health Card Scheme has been introduced to assist State Governments to issue soil health cards to all farmers in the country. Soil health card will provide information to farmers on nutrient status of their soil along with recommendation on appropriate dosage of nutrients to be applied for improving soil health and its fertility. Soil Health status will be assessed regularly in a cycle of 3 years so that nutrient deficiencies are identified and amendments applied.

Under SHM Programme, during the current year, 9 new static Soil Testing Laboratories (STLs), 56 new mobile STLs, strengthening of 2 STLs have been sanctioned to States, apart from 354 training and 420 demonstrations.

Under ‘Soil Health Card’ scheme, a sum of Rs. 23.59 crore has been released to States towards soil sampling, training, awareness creation.

This information was given by Shri Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, Minister of State of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers in the Lok Sabha today.

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