Nuclear deal unlikely without lifting sanctions on Iran – Khamenei

Nuclear deal unlikely without lifting sanctions on Iran – Khamenei

Nuclear deal unlikely without lifting sanctions on Iran – Khamenei

TEHRAN: Supreme Leader of the Iranian Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Saturday asserted the need of lifting the West-imposed sanctions on his country as a prerequisite for reaching an agreement with the P5+1 group.

“The enemies (the Western powers) imposed sanctions on Iran to deal a blow to the economy but to no avail,” he was quoted by IRNA news agency as saying in an address to a public rally in Mashhad city on the occasion of new Iranian year.

“They thought that by the crippling sanctions the people will protest against the government, so they engineered the sanctions to drive a wedge between the people and the government.

“Now that Iran has entered into negotiations with them they are surprised that Iran managed to naturalize the so-called crippling sanctions,” the Supreme Leader said.

“The sanctions, though unlawful, provided Iran with an opportunity to develop independent economy,” he affirmed.

He advised the government to pursue “the economy of resistance” and explore the potentials of the inner economy, saying the national economy has extensive capacities which have not been explored yet.

The Supreme Leader rejected the idea that compromise with the Western governments will lead the national economy to a boom citing manipulation of oil prices by the Western governments.

The Supreme Leader rejected the proposal put forward by US President Barack Obama in Norouz message to Iranian people that Iranians must accept the US dictation if they want to salvage the national economy.

The Supreme Leader blasted Obama for sending the message directly to the people ignoring the status of the Iranian government.

He urged the government to spare no effort to go ahead with the resistance economy, saying that the Iranian nation wouldn’t be intimidated by the threats of more sanctions or military actions.

In a related development, President Hassan Rouhani said the nuclear deal is accessible, but, the crucial decision should be made by the other party when there is left no issue unresolved.

Iran is determined to clinch a deal in line with the country’s redlines and criteria, he told reporters on the sidelines of a visit to Imam Khomeini center for the rehabilitation of disabled people.

Negotiations are proceeding in the Swizz city of Lausanne and some differences have been removed and new common points of views have been created which would serve as a basis to clinch the final deal but there are still some differences, he noted.

“The remaining issues could have been resolved in this round of talks. All problems could be resolved but it is quite natural that the coming days or weeks will be very tough as taking final step is always somewhat difficult,” Rouhani said.

“The two sides felt they needed more time and to the same reason postponed the meeting for coming days.

“It is quite natural that negotiations never satisfy both sides completely as each side should mind their own redlines,” he went on.

He expressed the hope that nuclear talks would bear fruit and bring blessings for Iranian people, the regional states and the entire world, adding that the nuclear deal will serve international peace, friendship, close relations and economic development of Iran and the regional countries.

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