Santa Tracker 2015: NORAD, Google Apps, Websites, Recieve Millions of Visitors on Christmas Eve

Santa Tracker 2015: NORAD, Google Apps, Websites, Recieve Millions of Visitors on Christmas Eve

Santa Tracker 2015: NORAD, Google Apps, Websites, Recieve Millions of Visitors on Christmas Eve 

So the time seems to have arrived when Santa Trackers from NORAD and Google are going to get active. There is no denying the fact that Santa tracker is one of the most enticing aspects of Christmas for kids and old alike.

For kids there used to be just one thing to keep them excited during Christmas. And that was receiving gifts and lots of it. But there is one more thing that keeps them busy other than their expensive gifts.

They try to keep track of Santa Clause on his world wide journey and I must admit they are never disappointed. Earlier there used to be only NORAD that did this. But for the last few years Google has also launched Santa Tracker. It must be admitted here that kids are enticed both by NORAD and Google Santa trackers.

norad santa trackerFor kids both have become equally important. In the holiday season particularly on the eve of Christmas, Norad Santa tracker visualizes Santa, the symbol of Santa to the kids across the world, passing through major landmarks of the world including Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, Vatican and almost all major known and lesser known landmarks in the world.

The kids continue to watch videos as depicting how it passes through the world especially the major sites including the Great Wall of China are on every major news and entertainment sites in all the major languages. This prompts kids to think as if Santa is about to land in their backyards with the goodies that are associated with Santa and Christmas gifts that it brings.

Things are becoming very different with younger generations. Kids have always remembered the Christmas through Christmas masses, Christmas trees and Santa that fulfils their wishes during the holiday season. But the story of how Norad Santa tracking started is very interesting. Its hard to believe that the NORAD Santa Tracker actually started because of a wrong number. One morning in December 1955, US Air Force Colonel Harry Shoup, the director of operations at the Continental Air Defense Command, the predecessor of NORAD got a call on his ultra secret phone line.

The story goes that as the the officer Shoup picked it up expecting the worst, a tiny voice on the other asked, “Is this Santa Claus?” The child on the line had apparently got the number from an ad for Sears Roebuck, claiming that the number in the ad was a straight line to Santa Claus. It was off by a digit and connected to Harry Shoup’s office. The child’s next question literally caused a ruckus for the angry General. He was asked,”Is this one of his elves?” The story goes that phone continued ringing throughout the day and before anyone could think further an airman was answering as Santa. From that point on, first CONAD and then NORAD offered an annual Santa tracking service. The correct phone number was publicised and anyone could call up on Christmas eve and find out where Santa Claus was. Now Google Santa tracker too is getting traction from eager kids.

heck out NORAD Santa tracker here andGoogle Santa Tracker here

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