Nokia to make smartphones beginning 2016: May go Android

Nokia to make smartphones beginning 2016: May go Android

Nokia to make smartphones beginning 2016: May go Android

Will Nokia ever get back to smartphone business? One of the biggest smartphone vendors till a few years ago, Nokia doesn’t make or markets smartphones at the moment. This is due to the fact that after selling its smartphone business to Microsoft, the company had to pull out of the smartphone market that it had dominated so comprehensively over the years.

Though its dominance had become a thing of past, it still retained its fans’ trust and love due to the impeccable quality of its products.

Now there are reports that one of the company’s subsidiaries Nokia Technologies may be readying to enter the smartphone market sooner than later.

Nokia-Lumia-2520-TabletRTThe reports coming out in this context suggest that this is indeed going to be the case. The Re/code information is said to come chiefly from two sources familiar with Nokia’s plans. It is no surprise that the Nokia Technologies is the smallest Nokia division, that controls as many as 10,000 patents. It has only released two products of its own, namely an Android app called Zlauncher, and the N1, an Android tablet design that’s being licensed to another manufacturer and sold in China.

It is needless to say that the company’s experience on N1 may come handy in the tablet market too. The VR industry has seen a sudden resurgence in the past two years, with headsets released or in development by companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony, and Oculus VR. Unlike the first VR wave in the 1990s, sensor and display technologies are beginning to make the technology practical.

But to get your hands on new Nokia handsets you will have to wait till the third quarter of 2016 when Nokia comes out of the stranglehold of terms of the Microsoft deal. Nokia was once the leader the global cellphone industry. But the company was slow to respond to the advent of the iPhone and Android, and saw its share of the market quickly erode.

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