Nokia Lumia 920 price slashed in India, available for Rs 32,639


    The Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia has slashed the price of Lumia 920 in India. The handset is available for Rs 32,639 now

    It is another great news. Nokia’s flagship handset Lumia 920 has finally got a price cut. The price cut that has gone into effect immediately will ensure that the handset becomes available to the smartphone enthusiasts at considerably lower price than the recently introduced HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. Its previous price of more than Rs 38000 was very close to the price for Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

    Now despite being very good handset, Nokia Lumia will not have to compete with those handsets that are pricier and better in many aspects than the Finnish tech giant’s highest selling handset.

    The price cut is certainly going to help the company sell far larger number of handsets than with the previous price tag. The handset will also be helped by the fact that at this price tag there wouldn’t remain any top class new flagship handsets to compete. But even then there are other handsets that are very good. It includes Korean tech giant’s last flagship handset Samsung Galaxy S3 that the company has sold more than fifty million units in less than a year.

    To be true, the Finland based company has substantially reduced the price of Lumia 920 from its previous price tag of Rs 38,199 to Rs 32,639. But on several online retailing websites the handset is retailing at around Rs 32000.