Nokia Lumia 520 vs Galaxy Young: Specs, features comparison of entry level phones

    nokia lumia 520

    Both are great handsets and are being loved by people. Nokia Lumia 520 vs Galaxy Young specs, features comparison makes very interesting reading

    It is quite confusing for an entry-level smartphone buyer to find an appropriate device. The challenge is to pick a handset from a huge variety of phones that are known for different aspects and features. Here we are up to help you choose from a nice Windows Phone 8 phone or a cool Android phone from Samsung. To name, the devices are Nokia’s low-end Windows Phone 8 device, the Lumia 520 and Samsung’s brand new entry-level Android phone, the Galaxy Young. Stick on with us to see what things put these two handsets different each other.

    Display: The Nokia phone has a 4-inch screen with a nice resolution of 480 x 800 pixels at 245-ppi. It is using Nokia’s exclusive ClearBlack display technology that enhances viewing experience even under direct sunlight. The most astonishing thing is that its display is a super sensitive one that well even work if you touch on it with keys, nails or clothes. It is when the Galaxy Young has a competitive TFT display that packs a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels at 176-ppi. But, the display is only 3.2-inch in size.

    nokia lumia 520

    Processor: The lower end Lumia phone comes up with a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU that has a cloaking speed of 1GHz, while the Galaxy Young has only a single core Cortex A5 processor with the same cloaking speed. It looks quite clear that with an addition of 512MB of RAM, the Nokia phone does superbly well than the Galaxy Young.

    Camera: In this division as well, you have the Lumia 520 as the best one with a pretty decent 5MP rear camera. It is when the Young has only a 3.2MP rear camera. Both the devices miss front cameras for video chat as well as flash support, because they fall in low price bracket.

    Operating System: It is where you can see the devices on different racks in a mobile store. The Lumia 520 is running on Windows Phone 8, which is the latest flavor to the Microsoft’s Android rivaling operating system. The Galaxy Young, at the same time, is blessed to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, one of the recent updates to the Google mobile OS.

    Well, both the mobile platforms have their own advantages and uniqueness, indeed. Windows Phone is a totally new concept, which presents the icons, apps and the entire setting in a unique style, which is called Metro or Modern. The Lumia 520 is the cheapest smartphone you can get with Windows Phone 8, while the Galaxy Young is just one among plentiful other devices in the entry level market with the Android OS.

    Windows Phone 8 falls short to Android OS in many vital aspects, despite of its innovative user interface and experience. It lacks enough apps and terribly misses out numerous much-wanted apps and games, for example, popular photo-sharing app ‘Instagram’ and a lot more. The Android, needless to say, is rich with thousands of free and quality apps, on the other hand.

    Price & Availability
    The price of Nokia Lumia 520 and Samsung Galaxy Young fall in a same range. As of now, you can buy the Lumia 520 for a price around Rs. 10,000 in Indian stores, while the price tag of Galaxy Young goes around Rs. 8,290, which is nearly Rs. 2000 less than its rival’s price. The difference is indeed making sense, because the Nokia Windows Phone device is better than the Samsung Galaxy Young in many aspects.

    Both the Nokia and Samsung phones have now already landed in global stores and they are also doing well, market figures reveal. Of course, if you ask which phone among is the best, the answer will surely be Lumia 520 if things are counted in the grounds of system hardware. But, if you adore Android OS, the world’s most dominating mobile operating system, the answer is different; Galaxy Young might be the winner then, for sure.


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