No HTC One Nexus edition, Galaxy S4 Nexus to hit Play Store in June


    By Abdul Vahid V

    After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition at Google I/O 2013, there was a murmur that HTC One would also get a stock Android version. But HTC spokesperson has promptly refuted the rumor responding to TechnoBuffalo reporter, who sought for a clarification on this from the firm. Well, it would have been a great surprise for Android fans to get a stock version of HTC One also, along with the Galaxy S4 Google Edition. In fact, HTC was also a Nexus partner of Google in the past, by designing the very first variant of the series, the Nexus One.

    “HTC is not currently planning a ‘Nexus Edition’ of the HTC One,” said the HTC spokesperson in an email statement. It looks that Google would not have approached the Taiwan firm with such a requirement. In case of Galaxy S4 Nexus, it is expected that Google has taken the first step, and approached the Korean firm rather than the other way around. It would also been a sensible approach if Google wanted to support HTC, yet another leading Android developer, in the same way.

    In the meantime, the Galaxy S4 Nexus has really been a surprise for all analysts. Though it was in rumors just ahead of the Google developer conference in San Francisco, it was amazing to know that a stock Android Galaxy S4 would come out. Android fans across the world accepted the device with much enthusiasm. The phone, which is equipped with stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean version, is to appear on Google Play store in June.

    The new handset to the Nexus series is to sport 16GB of internal memory. And, far more interestingly, it is to have an unlocked bootloader, making it clear that developers can customize the device the way they want. It is also a great thing that the firmware updates will come directly from Google as soon they are ready for public release. Users won’t have to wait for the phone makers or carriers to get system updates. Google is to sell out the device for the same price of its original, i.e. $649 SIM free.

    The 16GB memory variant of Galaxy S4 original has been in controversy as it allows only 8GB of storage space to users, after the TouchWiz and related apps taking as much as half of the internal memory of the device. Sure, without the TouchWiz UI overlay and other Samsung native apps like Smart Stay, Smart Rotate, Air Gestures and a lot more, the Nexus variant of the phone will be taking not much memory.

    Hence, even though sporting only 16GB memory, it will be much more for regular users. Moreover, it is coming up with a microSD slot so that users who want more memory can add memory sticks to expand the storage capacity. The device has also become the first Nexus-branded gadget with microSD slot support, by the way.

    Remember, the Samsung device is not yet the official next Nexus phone upgrade from Google. Rumors about the new generation Nexus phone is still at the helm. As per a fresh round of rumors, the much hyped up next Nexus would find light in June along with a projected new Android version. Since the Galaxy S4 Nexus is not featuring a brand new Android version, we have enough reason to expect for a new Nexus phone this year itself.

    Google used to debut its new Android versions on its own Nexus devices. Hence, with the Android 4.3 (whatever it be the Jelly Bean or Key Lime Pie) is in the offing, we can certainly expect for a new Nexus device sooner than later. Samsung may evidently take place its press meet to announce these two devices on June 10, says a new rumor.