Geno Smith seems a sore loser, gets broken jaw

Geno Smith seems a sore loser, gets broken jaw

Geno Smith seems a sore loser, gets broken jaw

This may not be a good news for his fans. Geno Smith has reportedly broken his jaw and will have to sit out for most of the season. Experts claim that the way he has suffered injury, he will have to sit out for around ten weeks.

To be true, this broken jaw didn’t happen during a match. It was a locker room fight that turned nasty. Reports suggest that the broken jaw was caused by a powerful punch by a fellow teammate.

There are reports that the issue was a minor one. When these players are signed for millions of dollars, a mere $600 is nothing but a loose change for them. Nonetheless the issue was just this small amount and in return, Geno Smith not just suffers from a broken jaw he also suffers the humiliation of doing all the explaining in front of his fans and team management.

In the meantime this shows that Geno Smith actually doesn’t command the respect of his fellow players. There is no denying the fact that Jets are actually doing the biggest harm to themselves and in the process if they end up losing their own game and reputation no one should be


Smith’s loss, in the meantime is going to be the gain for journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick who is expected to be given an opportunity to win the job when Smith desperately needed to be on the field trying to convince Bowles, offensive coordinator Chan Gailey and GM Mike Maccagnan that he can play.

There is no denying the fact that a few of his admirers will be angry as some of Jets fans are celebrating the news. “Fitzpatrick gives them the best chance to win…He is not going to beat them. He’s been in that role before and he’s been successful in Buffalo and to a degree with the Texans. He’s come out of the bullpen. You can game plan with him. He’s a much better fit. He can’t throw the ball deep but he’s got a lot of moxie” said an insider.

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