New MacBook Air 2013 being rumored during WWDC as supplies dwindle


    Another upgrade from Apple seems to be in the works. New MacBook Air 2013 being rumored during WWDC as supplies dwindle

    If the hints being thrown by Apple are to be believed that a spanking brand new MacBook Air would be in your hands very soon. What has sparked the strong rumors of the new MacBook Air on the threshold of being unveiled is the fact that certain versions of the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air are suddenly showing up as “Not available” at most major retailers including Amazon, and Best Buy.

    Following the discovery the tech experts are speculating are of strong belief that it is being done at the behest of Apple to make way for a new MacBook Air by lowering the supplies of the current stock at its major US retailers.

    The rumours got more stronger as one of the websites closely monitoring Apple by keeping a track of the gap between updates of Apple products has marked the MacBook Air in the “Don’t Buy” zone, due to the fact it’s been 342 days since the last update, a relatively long time for that product.

    It is expected the new product would be having the Intel’s next-gen Haswell chip, with improved graphics, on its board. Intel is expected to officially launch the new “Haswell” version of the Core processor, a version Intel has been talking about for years and years, in the first week of June during an international trade conference. According to Intel, Haswell is the first Core processor to have been designed from the ground up with power consumption in front of mind, meaning it should be the perfect processor for the MacBook Air, which is designed to be used on the road, where battery life is a big, big issue.

    The processor will debut in early June, and Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference will follow soon thereafter, clearly reflects the integration of the two giants.

    Given the fact that the high-resolution display technology is advancing rapidly, there are slight chanced that Apple will adopt a Retina display for it’s yet to be released MacBook Air. The retina displays are notorious for being increasing the cost besides being deadly on battery life in thin designs. In fact the thinnest MacBook with a Retina display is the 0.75-inch-thick 13.3-inch MacBook Pro. But it is still considered to be thick as per the by MacBook Air standards, mainly to accommodate a large battery, an indication of the challenge of getting these displays into the most slender designs.