BY | June 13, 2013

The two machines are great and here we compare the two. New MacBook Air 13 vs MacBook Pro Retina 13 specs, features, price comparison makes interesting reading

It is three days when Cupertino based tech giant Apple introduced its new and much more improved MacBook Air in the market. The sort of rousing welcome the new MacBook Air 2013 was given by Apple fans across the world made it look as if it is going to beat top selling Apple iPhones and iPads in popularity. the Cupertino based giant also showcased during its World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013 some other products including Mac Pro. But to be true, no product brought as much cheer on the faces of Apple fans as the announcement of MacBook Air 2013 version.

This was also because of the fact that Apple fans were not really very happy about the whole WWDC 2013 as the company failed to live up to people’s expectation and failed to launch any new product especially new versions of iPhone or iPad. Apple has disappointed its core fan base because of its failure to keep up with people’s expectations. Though it has been all praise for itself for coming up with a superb mobile OS version in the form of iOS 7, nonetheless the praise seems more from Apple than from the independent analysts.

Nonetheless people are happy because of the fact that the Cupertino based company at least introduced one great product during the event. Here we are up to break down the upgraded specs and features of the MacBook Air 13. We make the effort by comparing the machine with the same-sized MacBook Pro with Retina display. See, our comparison is just between the 13-inch variants of both the Apple laptops. The Air also has an 11-inch version, while the Pro has a larger 15-inch version too.

Both the machines come with impeccable display quality. But as you can see, MacBook Air doesn’t sport a Retina display, so it is sporting 1440 x 990 pixels at 128-ppi. Well, Apple might have dropped the idea of integrating Retina display for a better balance of its battery life, weight, size and processor. So it is not a surprise not to get a Retina display on MBA 13. Meanwhile, MacBook Pro features a Retina display that packs a cool resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels at 227-ppi.

The machines are power packed and people love the two due to this very reason. There is no wonder to see MacBook Air 13 getting brand new 4th-gen Intel Core processor with Haswell microarchitecture. It opens the door to stunning battery life as well as superb performance. Thus, the 13-inch basic MacBook Air mounts a 1.3GHz dual-core Core i5 CPU (Haswell). The MBP, at the same time, has the 3rd-gen Ivy Bridge processor clocked at a better 2.5GHz to 2.6GHz. To support its processor, MBA has 4GB RAM and Intel’s HD Graphics 5000 onboard. Apple claims that it will realize 40 percent faster graphical experience over its previous version. Meanwhile, the MBP 13 has 8GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 4000 onboard.

Both the machines come with great connectivity options. Another impressive thing with the MacBook Air is Wi-Fi 802.11ac. It can offer three times better speeds than 802.11n Wi-Fi of MacBook Pro Retina. But, you need to have an 802.11ac router as well as internet service to enjoy its full advantage. Both the devices have the latest Bluetooth 4.0 as another major connectivity option. There is actually no change in the battery hardware of the MBA 13-inch. The same 50W-h battery is packed inside the machine, but it can offer an out-of-the-world battery life of 12 hours thanks to the new Intel Haswell processor. It is when the MBP will run only 7 hours on its 70W-h battery due to its hi-res display, great power and more.

When it comes to the pricing policy and availability schedules, the top tech company is likely to soon start selling the upgraded MBA for a price tag of $1100. Well, all Retina devices are known for their high prices, and thus MacBook Pro 13 comes for $1500. The machine is already available in stores since its release back in February 2013.  Maybe, the renewed MacBook Air 13 might be one of the first Macs you will be getting in stores with the latest Apple software, OS X Mavericks, which was also demoed at the WWDC with a bunch of incredible features. But, quite sooner Apple may also bring the firmware update available for MacBook Pro Retina and all other Macs. The company used to swiftly update software of its products.


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