BY | March 23, 2012

Its detractors are trying to pose its latest tablet as faulty. But Apple’s new iPad 3 overheating and poor Wi-Fi signal allegations are no major issues

More and more issues are being reported with the latest Apple tablet introduced in the market this past week. First it was overheat issue that reportedly made many people panic and then the week wi-fi issue that attracted the attention of the cyberworld and social media.

The overheat issue seem to have been a damp squib and there are indications that vested interest blew the issue out of proportion.

But the battery issue is not just about overheat. There are other issues including slow charging and the fact that it continues charging for around one more hour even after the fact that it shows the gadget fully charged.

Many have been trying to project the issue of overheat in the tablet to antennagate that surfaced following the launch of iPhone 4 more than a year ago. Meanwhile a PCWorld report says that its internal testing also showed that the new Apple tablet charges slowly when the battery is in use.

Meanwhile market experts are giving their own opinion on the latest issues haunting Apple’s latest tablet. One of such experts has this to say, “The problem is not that the battery is failing to charge. It is simply that the iPad is drawing the power faster than the charger can keep up with it. Thsu the battery appears to not be charging. It is charging, just very slow…The only way to circumvent that is to use a higher voltage charger. However that has an issue to itself. A faster higher voltage charge also creates more heat while charging”.

In the meantime an expert who has studied Apple’s latest tablet says that he will advise the iPad 3 users to charge the battery for at least more than one hour after it displays full battery sign. “I measured the power actually drawn by the AC Adapter and found that the new iPad continues to charge for up to 1 hour after it claims to reach 100 percent…This affects the battery run time if you stop charging when it says 100 percent. Other tablets and smartphones also lie about their charging status, so if getting maximum battery run time is crucial, people need to keep their devices recharging for longer than the screen claims”, Raymond M. Soneira told Arstechnica.


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  • ipad_user

    I always charge my iPad 3 at night, when it’s not being used and that lasts me about two days.I don’t even know how long it takes before it reaches 100% or how long it charges…

    Why would anybody charge their iPad *while using it*? To me, draining the battery *while charging it* at the same time doesn’t make sense.

  • Dave

    One thing that came to mind when I first learned of the heat issue was the possibility you raised “There are indications that vested interest blew the issue out of proportion”. I personally like to look at a companies past products and performance when possible issues like this are raised. It’s inevitable for products to be put under a microscope and carefully scrutinized when a company has risen as high as Apple.
    I would personally like to hear more about the products amazing features such as the retina display and the enormous possibilities this type of device can have on the new era of portable computing.
    Just my two cents

  • Justice007

    The new ipad does get very warm during use. That is my opinion. The extra heat makes me a little uneasy about it given that it is a hand-held device. Also, the fact that my wife intends to place it in a leather case worries me further. It is our position as consumers. If apple is paying you for positive articles, then go ahead. But don’t try to insult consumers in doing so. If we think it is too warm for something we hold in our hands, then it is. Don’t tell me we are over-blowing it. Nobody is perfect, and neither is Apple.

  • Animal

    The new ipad does get very warm during use(In one small place where the cpu is seated) do place it in a leather case and you wont feel the warmth anymore,Please stop being silly my gaming laptop back vents could strip paint at full load but i also do wish it was true then i could place my cup of coffee on my ipad as a coaster to keep it hot.

  • John Lindahl

    I have iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3 and 1000 shares of Apple . This new ipad has real problems compared to the first two. It takes forever to charge. It loses its charge rapidly. I put my original ipad and my ipad 2 and this one running the same programs . When my original ipad was at 88% this was down to 17% This is totally unaccceptable. I played the new space birds, and after 15 minuites my new ipad shut down from overheating . This new product has big problems, and I see lawsuits in Apples’s future. Unless apple is ready to face issues and offer solutions it may be time to sell my stock