New Hampshire primary: Mitt Romney facing the ire of his Republican foes


    New Hampshire primary is going to be a deciding factor in GOP nomination for US elections 2012. Meanwhile Mitt Romney is facing the ire of his Republican foes.

    The fight to get the GOP nomination for the US Presidential elections 2012 is getting hotter with every passing day. Mitt Romney, the front runner so far who seems to be the best placed to face Obama in the elections is at the receiving end of his party colleagues’ fierce attack who want to get the nomination and destroy his chance.

    The primaries are a season when you can expect every aspect of a candidate’s life exposed. Everything is under attack as the stakes are very high. The fight is for the biggest post in the world, that of the US President and going to any length is legit for the candidates who want to get the nomination from the top two parties in elections.

    Meanwhile on the eve of New Hampshire primary, the knives seem to be out and other candidates are openly attacking Romney. Now they have one more reason to attack. They are saying that Mitt Romney likes to fire people at on whimsical grounds. The accusations of him loving to fire employees come from his stint in a company in the eighties that he cofounded. The investment company bought other struggling businesses and then sold it to others on hefty profits after structuring and making it profitable in a few years.

    But to be true, there are no clear evidences proving the accusations and his former colleagues say that though there were some layoff, but the new jobs created in the process, outnumbered the layoffs.

    Huntsman while attacking Mitt Romney says, “Governor Romney enjoys firing people; I enjoy creating jobs…It may be that he’s slightly out of touch with the economic reality playing out in America right now, and that’s a dangerous place to be.”

    A reader while attacking Mitt Romney says, “Romney is ‘not’ a capitalist. He creatively borrowed cash from his buddies at wall street banks to takeover a company with assets and proceeded to disembowel the value out of the company for his personal gain. He is merely a product of wall street that have enjoyed the grey areas of our laws and he and wall street and should be recognized and convicted as the capitalistic parasites”.

    Meanwhile an undecided voter says, “After years of treachery by Obama who promised the moon, I am particularly disenchanted with Obama. I would have no problem switching to Republican if they offered Huntsmann as their candidate. But I hear all this talk about how Huntsmann is too moderate for the Republicans. There lies the problem in my eyes. Our country has gotten where you need to be extreme left or right. No middle ground. They are fighting bitterly. Then we complain because our Congress acts that way. They are just mirroring the people they represent. Until our government starts compromising and finding a middle ground that benefits the country as a whole, we will continue to have serious problems.  This partisan divide, and the power of the rich corporations, scares the hell out of me. Just my humble opinion but I’m speaking from my heart folks!”