Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump win New Hampshire primary 2016: update

Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump win New Hampshire primary 2016: update

Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump win New Hampshire primary: result update

Voting has begun in New Hampshire primary. This is the first primary leading to the nomination of Republican and Democratic presidential candidates. Despite being a very small state, New Hampshire plays a major role in deciding the fate of the candidates from both the Democrats and Republicans.

In the meantime voting has begun. Now the leading White House hopefuls from both the political parties are hoping to win the primary and strengthen their claim for the nomination from their respective parties.

It is clear now from latest polls that Bernie Sanders is going to win the primary election in New Hampshire with a huge difference. If it really happens there are reasons to believe that Hillary Clinton will start complaining against her own campaign staff. You can expect many of her campaign staff to be shown the door.
hillary clinton vs bernie sanders 2016
The voting in New Hampshire has begun. Nine registered voters in a tiny northern US community of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, cast the first ballots from midnight (0500 GMT) on Tuesday, hours before most of the state. The vote went 3-2 to John Kasich over Donald Trump for the Republicans, and 4-0 for Bernie Sanders over Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democrats, the Washington Times reported.  The result is sometimes treated as a predictor of how the rest of the state will vote.

In the meantime polling stations elsewhere in the state opened at 6am (1100 GMT). Voting will continue until 7pm or 8pm in different locations. The spotlight has been on New Hampshire since the Iowa vote, and the candidates spent their final day before the primary campaigning for support. Nearly all of the Republicans made appearances on Monday.

There are many differences between Iowa and New Hampshire. The New Hampshire primary is different from Iowa in that it is organised not by the political parties, but by the state. There are 307 voting stations and voting takes place by secret ballot. All registered voters – not just registered Democrats and Republicans – are allowed to participate in the primary. Unaffiliated voters are classified as independents and may vote for candidates in either

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