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Tom Brady suspension for deflategate overturned: Latest news

Tom Brady suspension for deflategate overturned: Latest news

Tom Brady suspension for deflategate overturned: Latest news

Tom Brady must be feeling like the happiest person around. His ban has been lifted and now one of the best players in the game, he is raring to go.

In a judgment that seems to have come as a surprise relief for the top American football player, US district judge has suspended the punishment that was handed down to New England Patriots’ wily quarterback.

There is no denying the fact that after performing so superbly throughout the last NFL season, it was simply surprising to see him being handed down suspension order for as many as four games.

There is no denying the fact that the ‘Deflategate’ ruling by a federal judge in New York must have come as a disappointment for the National Football League. On the other hand, the players’ union seems to be extremely excited with the verdict.

new england patriots tom bradyLatest reports suggest that the US District Judge Richard Berman vacated NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision in July to uphold Brady’s four-game suspension over his alleged role in a scheme to deflate footballs used during a January playoff victory.

The judge said that the NFL officials actually took an extreme decision in the deflategate case for the Super Bowl winning quarterback. The player has repeatedly said that he had no role to play in a conspiracy to deflate footballs below the allowable limit at last season’s AFC championship game.

The judge in the final ruling said, “The court finds that Brady had no notice that he could receive a four-game suspension for general awareness of ball deflation by others or participation in any scheme to deflate footballs”. This is a great news for Brady after seven month long legal tussle.

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