Nevada Republican caucuses live blog: Who won the GOP caucuses?

Nevada Republican caucuses live blog: Who won the GOP caucuses?

Nevada Republican caucuses live blog: Who won the GOP caucuses?

Republicans’ Nevada caucus is all set to be held today and the voting is set to begin any moment. Results will start coming early as the day progresses. Supporters of all the GOP presidential hopefuls are praying that their respective candidates win the caucus here in Nevada and strengthen their claim over GOP nomination.

There is no denying the fact that if Donald Trump wins here with huge difference, it will be his third straight win and it will put him in saddle for Republican nomination. Despite being hated by Republican establishment he has been able to attract core Republican and Tea Party support base.

There are many observers who suggest that the dormant Tea Party supporters have all seem to be united behind him as he represents their cause. His anti-Muslim rhetoric seems to gel well with their ideology.

Republican debate 2016In the meantime it must be kept in mind that the Democratic caucuses met Saturday afternoon and were done early; the Associated Press called the race for Hillary Clinton at 2:15 pm local time, 5:15 on the East Coast. In South Carolina on Saturday, AP called the Republican primary for Donald Trump at 7:29 Eastern time.

As far as Republican caucus is concerned, on Tuesday, the caucuses begin between 5 and 7 p.m. local time (depending on the county), and the Nevada Republican Party says: “All caucuses end at 9:00 PT. This means we won’t expect results to start coming in until after 9:00 PM (or midnight for those of you on the east coast.)” So it will be Wednesday in a big chunk of the country before we know who won on Tuesday.

If you thought that Democratic and Republican caucuses function almost in the same way, you couldn’t have been mistaken more. Unlike the Democrats, the Republican caucuses are organized around a secret-ballot presidential preference vote. While the caucuses still select delegates to go to county conventions and contend for tickets to the Republican National Convention, the 30 Nevada delegates that go to Cleveland will be awarded to candidates based on the outcome of the preference poll.

In the meantime Marco Rubio seems to have become a huge challenge for Donald Trump, even bigger than Ted Cruz. He is calculated, reasoned and has rather balanced view compared to extreme right wing views of Trump and Cruz.

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