Who won Nevada Republican caucus, live blog: Donald Trump vs Ted Cruz vs Marco Rubio, latest updates

Who won Nevada Republican caucus, live blog: Donald Trump vs Ted Cruz vs Marco Rubio, latest updates

Donald-TrumpWho won Nevada Republican caucus, live blog: Donald Trump vs Ted Cruz vs Marco Rubio, latest updates

Nevada Republican caucus is going to be very interesting. The Democratic caucus was held in Nevada the same day when South Carolina Republican primary was held. We are now well aware of the outcome of the caucus and the primary in the two states.

The massive win for the real estate billionaire Donald Trump in South Carolina primary has made him frontrunner once again. Though polls were predicting a victory for the maverick business magnate, no one had imagined that he will win with such a huge margin.

But the fight for second place was all the more interesting. Ted Cruz was expected to win the second spot and Marco Rubio way behind at the third spot. But it got reversed as Marco occupied the second spot pushing behind Ted Cruz to the third. The primary also forced Jeb Bush, the blue eyed boy of the Republican establishment out of the fight.

Will Donald Trump win the Nevada caucus as well? If it really happens it’ll leave Trump with three firsts and one second-place finish through the four early states — enough that, any other year, would leave him looking set to run away with the nomination. So far, Trump has benefitted from a fractured field. In New Hampshire, for instance, so-called establishment support was divided among Kasich, Bush, Rubio and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

In the meantime the big question for the Republican front-runner on Tuesday night is whether he’s somewhere near his ceiling or whether he has room to grow. If Trump’s numbers keep climbing and neither Rubio nor Cruz can stay close, he could be a runaway train bound for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

On the other hand Marco Rubio’s rise seems to have intrigued many. He is the lone hope of Republican establishment now. Since Jeb Bush dropped out of the Republican race Saturday night, Rubio has quickly worked to lock down the party’s establishment — picking up former Bush donors and releasing a cascade of endorsements from governors, senators and congressmen Monday. Though Ohio Gov. John Kasich remains in the race, Rubio appears close to locking down the party’s more moderate and establishment types. It’s a testament to his own political talent, but also a recognition that if the GOP is to stop Trump from winning its nomination, it’s now or never.

Here are all the details about the caucus today. As far as Republican caucus is concerned, on Tuesday, the caucuses begin between 5 and 7 p.m. local time (depending on the county), and the Nevada Republican Party says: “All caucuses end at 9:00 PT. This means we won’t expect results to start coming in until after 9:00 PM (or midnight for those of you on the east coast.)” So it will be Wednesday in a big chunk of the country before we know who won on Tuesday.

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