Nevada Democratic caucus 2016: Evrrything important you should know

Nevada Democratic caucus 2016: Evrrything important you should know

Nevada Democratic caucus 2016: Evrrything important you should know

Merely two days are left when Nevada Democrats will be holding their Presidential caucus. The caucus will be held merely two days from now on Saturday Feb. 20. Many thought that this will be just a cakewalk for the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Now it appears that anyone who thought that she may have it easy is just delusional and not realistic.

The latest polls are giving tough time to the former first lady who is increasingly deploying her husband Bill Clinton to canvass for her and address her rallies. To be true he is not the only former president who is campaigning. Another president George Bush is also working overtime to ensure that his younger brother Jeb Bush improves his chances in primaries.

hillary clinton vs bernie sanders 2016In Iowa Hillary Clinton and her rival Bernie Sanders almost tied with almost identical vote share. If both tie here in Nevada caucus too the future may be decided by cards. “In these very limited circumstances where two or more presidential preference groups are tied for the loss or gain of a delegate, groups must each draw a single card from a deck of cards to break the tie. The high card determines the winner, and aces are high” says a report.

In the meantime details suggest that Democratic party will furnish each precinct location with an “unopened deck” to be shuffled “at least seven times” after extra cards, like jokers, are removed. If the two sides pull cards of the same rank, the winner will be determined by suit: spades are the highest, with hearts, diamonds and clubs in that order to follow.

It must be kept in mind that in the recently concluded Iowa caucus where Hillary narrowly won, at least seven caucuses ended in a tie and the winner and delegate distribution, was determined by a flip of the coin. Ever since that day in Iowa there has been speculation on how Nevada would solve a similar situation. Some speculated that there would be a roll of the dice, or maybe instead of a coin, there would be a flip of a poker chip, but those that said a high card draw it turns out were right, and that seems very fitting for the state of Nevada.

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