Nevada Caucus Results 2016 latest news update: Who won, who lost and why

Nevada Caucus Results 2016 latest news update: Who won, who lost and why

Nevada Caucus Results 2016 latest news update: Who won, who lost and why

Why Marco Rubio couldn’t improve his performance substantially against Donald Trump despite emerging as the number two, is a question that is haunting many Republican leaders. Though he beat Ted Cruz for the number two slot, the margin was meager.

Many people were expecting Marco Rubio to do much better as Jeb Bush, another Republican establishment favorite has relinquished the race to gain the GOP nomination for the US presidential elections 2016.

Donald Trump’s win in Nevada caucuses was all but certain. Nonetheless not many thought that he will win the fight with such a commanding difference. He reportedly got more than twenty percent votes compared to the second placed Rubio who could get just 24 percent votes from Republican caucus goers in Nevada.

In the meantime Donald Trump, the real estate czar has started looking unbeatable with consistent wins in three states and improving the margin of victory with every new win. The Republican establishment seems to be preparing for the inevitable. Another few more victories for Trump and they will be forced to beat a hasty retreat from the horizon and give in.

Marco Rubio seems to be Republican establishment’s last hope. He succeeded in getting the second spot in Nevada, but it is also some sort of setback considering that he had frequently campaigned in Nevada, having lived there for years as a child. A Cuban-American, he had attempted to rally the support of the state’s large Latino population. Rubio had also benefitted from the departure Saturday of Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, from the race. That brought an influx of new funds, a bevy of endorsements, and a wealth of media attention. But none of it was enough to overtake Trump.

When it comes to Ted Cruz, the man who amazed all by winning Iowa, he is facing mounting questions about the viability of his campaign. After Cruz’s Iowa win, Trump has made serious inroads among his core base of conservative supporters, draining anti-government hardliners and evangelicals. Cruz attempted to appeal to Nevada’s fierce libertarian wing, appealing directly to those who supported local rancher Cliven Bundy’s armed protest against the federal government in 2014 and a similar more recent one staged by Bundy’s sons at a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon. But that, too, was not enough.

In the meantime Cruz will have to perform or perish. The upcoming March 1 primary in his home state of Texas is looming as a make-or-break moment for him.

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