Nevada Caucus 2016 exit polls and live results: Date, time, results and who won Nevada Democratic caucus

Nevada Caucus 2016 exit polls and live results: Date, time, results and who won Nevada Democratic caucus

Nevada Caucus 2016 exit polls and live results: Date, time, results and who won Nevada Democratic caucus

Saturday is going to be very important in the presidential hopes of Republican and Democratic hopefuls. At least six Republicans are vying to get the nomination to fight the presidential elections against a democratic opponent, while two Democrats are fighting for their party’s nomination.

While Donald Trump enjoys massive lead over his Republican opponents, when it comes to Democratic party candidates it is a sort of tie between Hillary Clinton and septuagenarian Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Senator.
It must be kept in mind that the polls conducted most recently in Nevada suggest a sort of tie between Clinton and Sanders. While Hillary Clinton who thought that her nomination was just a formality has been shocked by a surge in Sanders’ popularity across the US, she still remains a frontrunner against him.

In the meantime the latest polls this week have put former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in a dead heat in Nevada, even though Clinton led by a wide margin in the state not long ago. This is giving a sort of sleepless night to Clinton and her campaing managers.

While explaining what the polls means when it came to gauging the reality on the ground a report by the FiveThirtyEight says, “Nevada is among the hardest places to poll in the nation, with a spotty track record to prove it. Going into the 2008 Republican caucuses, the polling average gave Mitt Romney just a 5-point advantage over John McCain; Romney ended up winning by 38 points. In 2010 when Republican Sharron Angle challenged Harry Reid, then Senate majority leader, for his seat, the polling average showed her beating the incumbent by a 3-point margin; she lost to Reid by nearly 6 points.”

Nonetheless it doesn’t mean that Hillary can sit easy and dream of a win here. A report while talking about it says, “The bad news for Clinton, who tends to do well with Hispanic and African-American voters: Nevada is another caucus state, which aids a campaign like Sanders’ that is fueled by ideological fervor rather than can-do pragmatism. Sanders’ impressive win in the New Hampshire primary and his fervent commitment to his progressive agenda have sparked a devoted following reminiscent of Barack Obama’s in 2008 — and Robert Kennedy’s in 1968. Sanders has recently shifted more than 100 staffers to Nevada to get voters energized and out to caucus sites. The final polls for Saturday’s caucus showed Clinton and Sanders in an Iowa-like dead heat, more evidence that the Democratic Party has quietly moved well to the left during President Obama’s time in office. Sanders, an avowed democratic socialist, has spent most of his career as an independent. He essentially joined the Democratic Party so he could run for president”.

Here’s the full 2016 primary schedule:

Monday, Feb. 1: Iowa caucus

Tuesday, Feb. 9: New Hampshire primary

Saturday, Feb. 20: Nevada caucus (Dem), South Carolina (GOP)

Tuesday, Feb. 23: Nevada caucus (GOP)

Saturday, Feb. 27: South Carolina (Dem)

Tuesday, March 1 (Super Tuesday): Alabama, Alaska (GOP), Arkansas, Colorado caucuses, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota caucuses, North Dakota (GOP), Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming (GOP)

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