Netanyahu tells Obama he is staunchly against deal with Iran

Netanyahu tells Obama he is staunchly against deal with Iran

Netanyahu tells Obama he is staunchly against deal with Iran — radio

RAMALLAH: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed his staunch opposition to the nuclear framework deal freshly reached between Iran and major powers, the premier spokesman said on Friday.

The spokesman told Israel Radio that Netanyahu, during a telephone contact with President Obama, expressed robust opposition to the framework agreement on Iran’s nuclear file, arguing that it “poses major danger to Israel and the world.” The deal grants legitimacy to the Iranian nuclear program, will help Iranians shore up their economy, encourage them to be more belligerent, Netanyahu argued in the phone conversation with the US president, adding that it will also result “in increasing Iranian terrorism all over the Middle East and abroad.” Moreover, it will pave way for the Iranians to make a nuclear bomb and results in nuclear proliferation in the region, thus increasing chances of possible break-out of “a horrific war” in the Middle East.

Netanyahu, according to the Israeli radio, opined the super powers should instead adopt a firm stance vis a vis Tehran and increase pressures on the Iranians to seek “a better deal” on the nuclear issue.

Meanwhile, the Israeli radio reported Tel Aviv’s mini cabinet would hold a session later today to discuss the freshly announced deal between Tehran and the Western powers.

It quoted Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz as labeling the Iran-West agreement as “bad,” adding that Iran would retain its nuclear infrastructure.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzachi Hanegbi was quoted by the radio as saying that the Western nations appeared desperate for reaching the agreement, thus giving the Iranians the chance to dictate its terms at the negotiating table. “Iran according to the accord will retain uranium enrichment facilities and its ballistic missile programs,” he argued.

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