Nestle Maggi re-launched in India, Snapdeal to boost its sales further

Nestle Maggi re-launched in India, Snapdeal to boost its sales further

Nestle Maggi re-launched in India, Snapdeal to boost its sales further

Finally after at least five months in wilderness, Nestle India said it has started launching its very popular instant noodle, Maggi, in the Indian market. Some tests had suggested that the instant noodle was harmful for health and contained lead. The whole stock of the noodle was destroyed across the country.

This forced the company into a condition that it had never faced. Following the ban of its instant noodle in the local market, Nestle India slipped into loss. This was the reason that the company reported Q2 loss as Maggi scare hits sales Nestle India’s profit by as much as 60 percent.

Beginning Monday the company has started the nationwide relaunch of its most popular product in the country. The company is launching it in at least 100 cities.

maggiNestle India chairman and managing director Suresh Narayanan while making the announcement said, “The return of Maggi Noodles on the auspicious eve of Deepawali and on the day of Dhanteras is a moment of celebration for all of us…The crisis we went through is a big one for Nestle India. But we were always confident about the quality and safety of Maggi noodles. It is an important brand for the company”.

The company has made its plans clear and says that the variant that will first hit the shelves will be the masala variant, which will be available in single, twin, four and six packs. While detailing the company’s association with the Indian consumers he said, “Maggi noodles has special relationships and strong emotional bonds with consumers across the country and I am confident our bonds will grow stronger”.

Indian equivalent of USFDA had claimed on June 5 that Magi contained lead. Following the accusation the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) ordered a pan-India ban on the company’s noodles on the ground that these were “unsafe and hazardous” for humans. The company went to the court and having cleared all tests ordered by the Bombay High Court at three accredited laboratories, it is back with a bang.

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