Nepal earthquake destroys kathmandu, 1850 killed: images scary, India sending relief material

Nepal earthquake destroys kathmandu, 1850 killed: images scary, India sending relief material

Nepal earthquake destroys kathmandu, 1850 killed: images scary, India sending relief material

New Delhi/ Kathmandu: US Geological Survey has raised the intensity of Nepal Earthquake earlier today. Earthquake in Kathmandu has killed a large number of people and has destroyed many buildings, several of them of historical importance and value.

Roads have caved in across the Kathmandu valley spread over hundreds of miles.

In neighboring India, powerful shocks were felt from New Delhi to Kolkata across the north Indian plains. In Bihar, several people reportedly died in a district bordering Nepal.

The shocks in New Delhi were so powerful that people were forced to come out of their homes and seek refuge in local parks for more than an hour. They went back only when aftershocks were felt.breaking news nvonews

Reports of loss of properties are coming from many other areas in north India. A strong earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale rocked Nepal at 11.41 a.m. India time, with tremors felt from Delhi to Guwahati and Srinagar to Jaipur. Even half an hour later, the aftershocks continued. According to the India Meteorological Department, the depth of earthquake was 10 km and measured 6 on the Richter scale in India. The US Geological Survey said the epicentre was at Lamjung in Nepal – a district some 75 km northwest of capital Kathmandu.

Shortly after the earthquakes and aftershocks, Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister tweeted: “News has come in about an Earthquake in Nepal. Several parts of India also experienced tremors.” He said that they were in the process of finding more information and “are working to reach out to those affected, both at home & in Nepal”. Reports from across north India said people scurried out of their homes and offices even as buildings shook due to the quake and the strong aftershocks.

People are still fearful of going back to their homes. The tremors were so strong that people feared for their lives. Some of them began to pray and tried to get as far away as possible from the buildings. Most ran to open grounds. Many of the high-rises saw people evacuate in large numbers. “I suddenly found my chair shaking. I live on the fourth floor in an apartment. I just rushed out of my building…shouting and requesting people not to use the lift,” said Ravindra Kumar, a resident at Sirsi road in Jaipur. There was panic in Nepal which bore the brunt of the massive temblor. Besides capital Kathmandu and Besisahar in Lamjung, the cities which were affected include Bharatpur, Pokhara and Kirtipur.

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