NBA trade rumors: Mike D’Antoni headed to Philadelphia 76ers as coach

NBA trade rumors: Mike D’Antoni headed to Philadelphia 76ers as coach

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NBA trade rumors: Mike D’Antoni headed to Philadelphia 76ers as coach

NBA trade deadline is towards the end of February and it is still more than two months away. Nonetheless it is no reason for the trade rumors to go slow.

Teams trade their players, especially very expensive ones who have failed to deliver despite sky high hopes from them. Almost all the teams and their managements are involved in the mental exercise of deciding whom to offload and whom to get into the team.

This exercise takes months and many back and forth negotiations are involved in this tricky exercise. In the meantime there are reasons to believe that the former head coach Mike D’Antoni is expected to be working his way back in to the league through an assistant coaching position. On the trade front, Milwaukee Bucks center Miles Plumlee is reumored to join a new team.

There are reports that Philadelphia 76ers has shown interest in D’Antoni for an associate head coach position, reported Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. D’Antoni’s last coaching stint was in 2013-14 season when he guided the Los Angeles Lakers to just 27 wins. In 12 seasons with the Lakers, Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns and New York Knicks, D’Antoni has a 455-426 record.

There is no denying the fact that he is among one of the top names that can simply transform a team from a laggard to a frontline top team. D’Antoni has taken his teams to the playoffs six times, reaching the Western Conference Finals twice with the Suns. The 76ers are now looking to him for guidance with young head coach Brett Brown, who recently signed a two-year extension.

A report while talking about him says, “The timing of Brown’s two-year extension on Friday, a deal that extends through the end of the 2018-19 season, has apparently eased any concerns that D’Antoni would be brought to the Sixers as some kind of head coach in waiting. D’Antoni wants to be a head coach again, and his candidacy elsewhere could be enhanced if he’s back on a bench in a coaching capacity”.

On trade front there are rumors that Bucks center Miles Plumlee who hasn’t been able to perform well recently is going to be on the chopping list.

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