NBA trade rumors: Los Angeles Clippers sending feelers

NBA trade rumors: Los Angeles Clippers sending feelers

NBA trade rumors: Los Angeles Clippers sending feelers

Los Angeles Clippers seem to be on the hunt at the moment. No one is quite amazed as other teams are doing the same as they are hunting for better players and trying to leave the ones who haven’t been performing as the teams had expected.

Though the trading season seems to have witnessed a sort of slowing down, there are teams that seem to be sending feelers to know about the perspective players who may be available on the chopping list.

In the meantime Fox Sports’ Sam Amico says that the Los Angeles Clippers too are on the lookout for some good players. In a Twitter message Amico says, “Clippers making some exploratory calls, seeing what may be available. Little early for trade chatter but they’re not happy”. It is being said that it means both everything and nothing because we know that the actual act of exploratory calls is meaningless in a sense. Every front office prefer to engage in such calling and answer calls.los angeles clippers

Nonetheless it is not going to be clear anytime soon. Rumors doing the rounds suggest that a move in this regard from Clippers’ side would occur until the December 15 deadline when teams are allowed to trade most free agents signed in the offseason. That includes Josh Smith, Paul Pierce, Wesley Johnson, Pablo Prigioni, Luc Mbah a Moute and Cole Aldrich. Since Austin Rivers signed a one-year deal by use of Bird Rights, he technically has a no-trade clause.

It is being said that as far as trade is concerned, outside of the core, the rest of the roster is up for trade. This includes players like Jamal Crawford. There are strong indications that Crawford would be traded this time.

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