NBA trade rumors: Sacramento Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins on the radar right now

NBA trade rumors: Sacramento Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins on the radar right now

NBA trade rumors: Sacramento Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins on the radar right now

Though it is still not a certainty, there are reasons to believe that Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins is being linked to a move to Boston in midseason. Nonetheless other reports suggest that it is not going to be possible given the fact that Danny Ainge doesn’t find it very attractive.

Latest reports indicate that the Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge and some other team members are not very keen after taking into the account the massive cost involved. But it is still rumors and there is still chance that DeMarcus Cousins may actually go to the Boston Celtics to strengthen the side.

Sacramento Kings’ franchise player DeMarcus Cousins’s impending move is not because of his poor performance on the field. To be true he has done exceptionally well when it comes to individual performance. It is more to do with Cousins and head coach George Karl falling in a heated confrontation. Following the confrontation a lot of trade rumors have sprung out linking the 6-foot-11 center to the Celtics as Ainge allegedly wants to acquire a true superstar to lead his team and he also has the assets to do so.

There are also rumors doing the rounds about a potential deal involving David Lee, Marcus Smart, Jared Sullinger, and a couple of future draft picks in exchange for Cousins and Rudy Gay. Nonetheless there are still no official announcements or any indications that the two parties are really holding talks.

In the meantime there are others too on the trading radar. Nonetheless people will not be surprised much if Miami Heat might trade their forward-center Chris Andersen after Mario Chalmers deal. The same is true about Sacramento Kings if they decide to trade their center DeMarcus Cousins. There is no denying the fact that the Miami Heat is not yet done with trading players even after making a deal with their point guard Mario Chalmers to the Memphis Grizzlies, says Yibada. Following Chalmers deal, the Heat is preparing for trading Chris Andersen. Sources suggest that the Miami Heat may finally decide to trade the “Birdman” to decrease their luxury bill and because of their strength at the frontcourt. Moreover, the team could consider trading Andersen as they have highly talented Chris Bosh and Josh McRoberts.

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