NBA trade rumors 2015: Houston Rockets’ Dwight Howard has issues with James Harden, update

NBA trade rumors 2015: Houston Rockets’ Dwight Howard has issues with James Harden, update

NBA trade rumors 2015: Houston Rockets’ Dwight Howard has issues with James Harden, update

NBA trade rumors are not going to slow down even slightly till the whole affair has been sorted out. And it is still two months away. So, till February 19 next year, these rumors will continue to do rounds and we may not be sure about the details of actual trade till early February.

There are rumors doing the rounds that Houston Rockets’ Dwight Howard is unhappy in his present team. He seems to have some major issues with teammate James Harden and there are reasons to believe he abhors playing second fiddle to him despite being a ‘better’ performer. Two and half years ago he officially signed with Houston on July 13, 2013, joining James Harden to form a formidable duo. After playing forward he was moved to center position again and in his first game for the Rockets in the season opener on October 30, Howard recorded 17 points and a career high-tying 26 rebounds in a 96-83 win over the Charlotte Bobcats.

Despite knee problems when he made the return to his side after months, he managed a formidable come back by performing superbly.

Nonetheless of late his issues with James Harden who is dating reality star Khloe Kardashian seems to have escalated recently.

In the meantime Well-known NBA writer Chris Sheridan of says Dwight Howard is “extremely unhappy in Houston playing second fiddle to alpha dog James Harden.”

While trying to say that he is not creating rumors but talking truth he goes on to add, “There are no lies in my story…This is not a rumor. There is a difference between a rumor and a news report. This is the latter, not the former.”

While talking about the issue with Matt Thomas of SportsTalk 790 in Houston he said, “This story is 100 percent on the money…Dwight is unhappy in Houston. They’re not using him properly. He hasn’t been happy for years. He thought going to LA was going to be a panacea for him and it wasn’t because he had to play second fiddle to Kobe Bryant with the Lakers. Then he came to the Rockets and the Rockets were able to get James Harden, so they got two great players, but they got two great players who can’t play well together. James Harden is too ball-dominant of a guard to be able to play effectively with Dwight Howard. Look, James had an MVP-caliber season last year and the Rockets went to the Western Conference finals, but Dwight Howard wasn’t a big part of it. Whenever Dwight has been at this best, it’s been when he’s been the alpha dog. He hasn’t been that since he was in Orlando. And now he’s on a team where there are five guys who have taken more shots. So he’s not their second fiddle. He’s their sixth fiddle. He’s not happy about it. The guy’s unhappy. He doesn’t like playing with James Harden. That’s a fact.”

If that was not enough he further said, “If you’ve have a player like Dwight Howard who’s only 30 years old and still has a lot of basketball left in him, you don’t let him walk and get nothing in return…There will be a lot of teams out there with max-salary cap space next summer who will be looking to acquire a player like Dwight Howard. So if Dwight intends to opt out, or rather not opt in, the Rockets are going to try to move him.”

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