NBA trade rumors 2016: Where Dwight Howard of Houston Rockets is going?

NBA trade rumors 2016: Where Dwight Howard of Houston Rockets is going?

NBA trade rumors 2016: Where Dwight Howard of Houston Rockets is going?

Houston Rockets doesn’t seem to be in great shape. If rumors are to be believed, Houston’s Dwight Howard may be headed to Toronto Raptors. This may be a shocking piece of news for Houston Rockets and Dwight Howard fans, but there are reasons to believe that the rumors are not without any basis.

There are reasons to believe that Howard is feeling completely alienated in his current team.

There is no denying the fact that with the Houston Rockets, the player has very low chances of making it to the playoff. On the contrary I the player was traded to the Raptors, his playoff chances would go up substantially.

nba 2015As far as NBA standing is concerned, right now the Raptors are in the 5th position in the East and have a record of 21-15. His chances also improve for the playoffs since the East is substantially weaker than the West.

A report in the DelhiDailyNews while talking about Howard and his chances says, “Howard is likely going to opt out of his contract after the 2015-2016 season finishes. That is if he’s still with the Rockets, and Houston isn’t going to want to lose him without getting anything in return. That makes trading him by the NBA trade deadline in mid-February a big priority now…At present, Raptors have a back court that is loaded with DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, and some decent back-ups. DeMarre Carroll and Luis Scola make a formidable force up front, but Toronto lacks a true center and that’s where Howard fits in”.

Nonetheless the options are open for both Howard and Raptors. Another option for the Raptors is Joakim Noah of Chicago Bulls, who is now on the trading block. He would help Toronto also, but he’s not someone like Howard who can have an entire franchise built around him. Howard has been connected to a three-team deal that is swirling around and would finally land him with the New York Knicks. The New Orleans Pelicans would also join to help even out salaries and make it work. Despite all tehse rumors things are still hazy and will clear only towards the end of February.

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