NBA rumors: George Kar to be shown the door by Sacramento Kings

NBA rumors: George Kar to be shown the door by Sacramento Kings

NBA rumors: George Kar to be shown the door by Sacramento Kings

Now the question is finally settled. Sacramento Kings have finally decided to go for Kentucky Coach John Calipari over George Karl who has been under severe criticism for his fight with center star player DeMarcus Cousins.

Though there nba 2015were reports that DeMarcus Cousins may move to some other teams, but those were unsubstantiated reports. Believe me there are several teams that will go to any extent to get hold of the celebrated player. But thankfully sanity seems to have returned to the Sacramento Kings and now they have made it apparently clear that they don’t want to lose him.

Now it is being said that the coach George Karl is unable to get going with team players, especially the star players of the team.

A report in AOL while talking about the issue says, “George Karl just doesn’t seem to get through to the players in the Kings locker room, and DeMarcus Cousins still doesn’t appear to have much respect towards his head coach. Again, all this is speculation from what has been reported – and what we’ve seen – over the last few months.” With the team facing some serious problems, it is obvious that team owner Vivek Ranadive would seek for the right man to establish the order and balance within his team.

Meanwhile another report while talking about it says, “The belief still is it’s a matter of when, not if, Karl will be removed as the head coach. If that should happen during this season, the short-term answers are, according to owner Vivek Ranadive – or sources say – he would like to move Nancy Lieberman into the head-coaching position, making a big splash by having the first female head coach in NBA history. Vlade Divac, the GM is more inclined to fill with Corliss Williamson for the remainder of the season. But Ranadive’s biggest dream is to have Kentucky coach John Calipari come out and coach this roster full of Kentucky players.”

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