NBA: Philadelphia 76ers beat Lakers 103-91, Why LeBron James feeling all the more let down

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers beat Lakers 103-91, Why LeBron James feeling all the more let down

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers beat Lakers 103-91, Why LeBron James feeling all the more let down

The Philadelphia 76ers have finally turned the table. The luck finally seems to have smiled at them. After a string of losses the Philadelphia 76ers have managed to not just win an important match, they won it in an emphatic style.

It must be noted here that the Philadelphia 76ers fans had started forgetting the fact that their team could ever win. This is due to the fact that the side has been losing and losing without any interruption. If there was any record for losing the highest number of games in a row, this dubious distinction will go their way.

Statistics suggest that the Philadelphia 76ers have actually set a record for the longest losing streak in the history of the NBA, with 28 defeats stretching over last season and the current campaign.james LeBron

Nonetheless the losing streak ended with some great performances by the winning side. The Philadelphia 76ers’ forward Robert Covington’s 23 points helped the side manage a rather emphatic 103-91 win over the Lakers. Jerami Grant and Nerlens Noel added 14 points apiece while rookie Jahlil Okafor was one of three 76ers players to finish with 12 points.

Kobe Bryant, in the meantime must be feeling miserable. He was hoping that he will win the match for his side after making the announcement to retire from NBA. Nonetheless he was the best performing player for his team as he top scored for the Lakers, producing 20 points, two assists and five rebounds. It was the first win for the Sixers since March 25. “Finally,” forward Nerlens Noel said. For one night, in front of 20,510 people that gathered to cheer for Bryant, the streaks hardly mattered. “I’m pleased for the city,” Brown said. “We don’t want this streak continuing.”

Ever since he made the announcement to retire from NBA, he seems to be the most talked about player. Merely hours before the match began, he received a warm welcome from the fans in Philadelphia as soon as he entered the arena. The NBA superstar was seen snapping selfies with fans who might never see him play again, and his presence injected a playoff atmosphere into a city that has lost much of its passion in NBA basketball. “I wasn’t expecting that type of reaction, ovation,” he said. “Deeply appreciative beyond belief. It was really, really special.” For his part, Bryant tried to deliver a special performance in his finale. He buried a step-back 3-pointer off the opening tip. He hit another 3 on the next possession. “It was a little spurt of old-school Kobe,” Noel said. So an enticing match indeed.

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