BY | June 21, 2013

It was a real exciting game and everyone loved it. From flop LeBron James is finals MVP. Here are NBA finals 2013 game 7 review, score & video

Miami Heat’s winning the last of the finals and winning the championship seems to be a miracle of sorts for the team and its millions of fans across the US. Their imperfect performances in the beginning of the final series should have sent many of their fan’s blood pressure level soaring high.

The performances were inconsistent and were criticized by Heat fans and NBA analysts. But there is no gainsaying the fact that their initial losses made the series so entertaining and exciting.

A win for San Antonio Spurs in the beginning of the seven match series or a one-sided win for Miami Heat wouldn’t have given the fans the sort of exciting time that they got. To be true, such exciting, and nerve wrecking photo finish is the best gift that two teams can give to the game’s fans.

But while both teams were winning and losing alternatively and the way San Antonio Spur were threatening to beat the Heat, one man was given the worst sort of treatment by not just fans but many NBA experts. We all know the man now.

Till they won, the last of the final games, this man was being criticized for everything that he did and hid didn’t. Just till the last week the man was being badly criticized by almost the whole world. No words were off limit to describe as to what sort of unfit had he become despite charging so much high prices. James LeBron had become the whipping boy of almost one and all in the NBA world. No one was exception and no one was ready to come to his rescue and speak in his favor. Had anyone even dared to have spoken, he would have been shouted down by Heat fans who were disappointed badly over the fact that how ‘badly’ LeBron was playing.

But in sports things suddenly turn. A player who has been called flop till the other day becomes the darling of the spectators within even half an hour. And a fortnight is a long time in our times and things change so fast and so suddenly that we fail to even anticipate as to how things were just past week or a fortnight ago. James LeBron who was at the recieveing end of almost everyone and everyone is being showered with praise by almost everyone as he was being criticized by one and all. It is another day and things have changed completely for the star player. In the last and final match when Miami Heat Beat San Antonio Spurs, James LeBron proved once again as to why he is worth so much and why every team is ready to pay him whatever price he demands. He was singlehandedly responsible for helping his side beat the Spurs. There is no doubt that both the game today despite the match were both physically and mentally exhausted after an epic Game 6. The Spurs must be disappointed by the last match’s close loss as the last match was comprehensively won by the heat.

After keeping their fans on their toes for much of the final, Heat came up with extremely perfect game yesterday. And they finally beat Spurs 95-88 to win NBA championship against a very strong team who had all but beaten them in the sixth match. But the credit goes to Heat and their star players who made such an impressive comeback to win the sixth match and then the final.


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