National Seminar on yoga and spirituality concludes at AMU

National Seminar on yoga and spirituality concludes at AMU

National Seminar on yoga and spirituality concludes at AMU

ALIGARH: “India emerges as a country that has not fallen to internal conflicts because it has developed a strong base which is an outcome of spirituality present here,” said Ambassador Ashok Sajjanhar, former secretary, National Foundation for Communal Harmony. He was addressing the valedictory session of the two days National Seminar on Yoga and Spirituality organized by the Department of Psychology, Aligarh Muslim University as Chief Guest.

Ambassador Sajjanhar said that Yoga as well as Spirituality holds significance for the society, the country and the World at large. He told that the advancement of technology has led to rapid changes, which have made our lives more complex. Dr Sajjanhar said that in today’s world, where the war, violence, outrage and conflicts are gaining momentum, spirituality serves as a means to bring peace and tolerance. He informed that although, Spirituality and religion are different concepts, but the spiritual bond among all the religions is same.

AMU PVC Brig S Ahmad Ali (Retd.), while presiding over the Valedictory session, said that the life has become more materialistic and artificial which has put us under pressure. He told that nowadays most of the communication takes place through SMSs, MMSs, Video calls or other forms of artificial media, which is different from the older version in terms of physical activity. He said that the complexity of life has compelled us to seek refuge, which is facilitated by spirituality. Brig Ali said that the increasing level of competition is an outcome of the race to accumulate money, the rising greed and peer-pressure. He highlighted that the followers of every religion and those who do not follow any religion practice spirituality.

Brig Ali said that war starts when communication breaks down. He told that war acts as a means for imposing of will on the inferiors by their superiors. He cited the example of first and second world wars. He said that in India, a major part of the population is still having tolerance as well as fear of God, which is a healthy sign for its future prospects.

Professor Hari Suman, a yoga psychologist and an alumnus of AMU, while addressing the session, said that Science, without spirituality, leads us to Anarchy. Ha said that spirituality holds significance as it leads us to peace and tolerance. He told that he was delighted to see the young students coming out with illuminating ideas in the Seminar.

Professor Nahid Nizami, Senior Faculty member, Department of Psychology, AMU presented the scientific report of the session. She informed that around 80 teachers, Research Scholars and students participated in the Seminar with the presentation of more than 70 research papers. Professor Nizami said that Yoga and meditation enlightens our mind. She told that spirituality has emerged from yoga and it acts as a means of, getting energy, compassion, co-existence and tolerance.

Professor (Hafiz) Mohd Ilyas Khan, Chairman, Department of Psychology and the Organizing Secretary of the seminar proposed the vote of thanks. Professor Akbar Hussain, Director of the seminar welcomed the guests whereas Professor Reshma Jamal, Assistant Professor at the Department, conducted the program.

Professor Emeritus SS Nathawat, Amity University, Jaipur also graced the occasion with his presence.

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