As ISIS takes responsibility of Paris terrorist attack, Muslims denounce terrorism

As ISIS takes responsibility of Paris terrorist attack, Muslims denounce terrorism

As ISIS takes responsibility of Paris terrorist attack, Muslims denounce terrorism

Muslims across the world are denouncing the terrorist attacks in Paris that has killed at least 120 people and injured many more. There are fears that some of the terrorists might be absconding.

While it is still not clear as to who was behind this carnage in the heart of French capital, Muslims have come out strongly against whoever committed the crime. There are rumors of someone hearing Allahu Akbar in the midst of attack, though not many people seem to have said about it. Nonetheless given the past attacks, there are reasons to believe Muslim terrorists might be behind the attack.

There are also reports that the terrorists wearing suicide vests and carrying semiautomatic weapons were also saying something about French involvement in Syria. It must be kept in mind that French bombers have been attacking ISIS positions in Syria.
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In the meantime Muslims in Germany denounced the terrorist attacks in Paris. A DW report says, “Nurhan Soykan, secretary general of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, said she fears the Paris bloodbath could fan the flames of the PEGIDA and far-right protests . But she told DW that she is also aware that there are people in society who stand up for the Muslims, “people who said, we can’t lump them all together, we can’t suspect them as a group…Soykan emphasized that it wasn’t just the leaders of the Muslim organizations in Germany that denounced the attack: even tiny communities have supported the calls for solemn vigils, voicing their own condemnation of the attack. She said the center of society must be strengthened against extremism on the fringes, whether from the far-right or from the Islamists”.

Iran called the attack a “crime against humanity.” Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in a statement said, “   In the name of the Iranian people, who have themselves been victims of terrorism, I strongly condemn these crimes against humanity and offer my condolences to the grieving French people and government”.

The largest Muslim nation in term of population, Indonesia, also condemned the attack. Joko Widodo, the Indonesian harshly condemned the “violence that took place in Paris”. He said there was need for greater cooperation at international level to fight terrorism.

Abdul Malik Mujahid, the founder of Chicago based Sound Vision has denounced the multiple terrorist attacks in Paris and said that such people cannot be humans. It must be kept in mind that no organization has taken the responsibility of the string of attacks and suicide bombings in the French capital.

In the meantime Bataclan concert hall was the worst affected. Here the largest number of casualties took place. There are fears that France terrorist attack will take Islamophobia in Europe to a new high.

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