Muslim University clarifies on AMUTA issue

Muslim University clarifies on AMUTA issue

Muslim University clarifies on AMUTA issue

ALIGARH: The Aligarh Muslim University has clarified that the Vice-Chancellor Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah (Retd.) has never attempted to suppress dissent or curb democratic voices on the campus. He has however never acceded to incorrect demands of AMUTA.

The Vice Chancellor further clarify that the real issues of teachers, like holding General Selection Committees, on an unprecedented scale and improving the academic climate and faculties to teachers have been addressed.

It may be noted that the Vice Chancellor gave four appointments to AMUTA representatives who failed to turn up for the meeting and this fact can be ascertained from the available record. It is clarified that the meetings will not be on the terms AMUTA is attempting to dictate.

The posters put up by AMUTA reflected their deplorable sense of responsibly causing an embarrassment.

During the special meeting of the Executive Council on October 20, the Vice-Chancellor offered to leave but was persuaded by EC members to continue with the meeting since it was primarily concerned with dereliction of duty by Mr. Mustafa Zaidi, Associate Professor, Department of Library and Information Science.

“There is no intention of attacking AMUTA, a democratically elected body but correcting a recalcitrant teacher who considers himself above the law and is now taking shelter behind his appointment as Secretary, AMUTA”, felt the University.

The University administration has the highest regard for AMUTA and its representatives and it feels that it is the responsibility of AMUTA not to shield teachers who shirk their duties.

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