Human rights organizations protest arrest of Sanjeev Bhatt across the nation


    By NVONews.Com Correspondent,

    NEW DELHI/MUMBAI: Human rights organizations have continued their protests against the arrest of IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt in Mumbai and Delhi.

    In Mumbai these organizations held a press conference protesting the move by the Gujarat government to arrest the officer. While in Delhi a large protest demonstration was held at the Jantar Mantar.

    In Mumbai the human rights organisations said in a press conference that the arrest of Sanjeev Bhat shows that there is no democracy in Gujarat and there Narender Modi is running a one man show. His arrest means that Modi is going after Sanjeev Bhatt for daring to expose his complicity in the riots that took place in the aftermath of Godhra incident.

    Maulana Mahmood Daryabadi, General secretary of Ulema Council said that the world knows that Modi played an important role in the genocide and now he is harassing a police officer who wants to bring the truth to light. He said that the entire episode shows that in Gujarat there is no law. Sanjeev Bhatt is not the first and only person who is being harassed by Modi and his team, he further added.

    The Modi government had victimized social activist Teesta Setalvad too.

    Fareed Sheikh, President Amn (Peace) Committee of Mumbai said that there were many reports which established Modi’s complicity not only in the post-Godhra riot but also in other encounters of Muslims in Gujarat. He characterized Modi’s fast as a political nautanki.  Modi’s anti-Muslim bias is quite clear to anyone who cares for secularism and peace in the country. The arrest of Sanjeev Bhatt is a stark case of vendetta politics, and shows that Modi can go to any lengths to crush dissent against himself.

    Social worker Dr. Azeemuddin said that the sorry fact was that the Congress party was doing nothing about the arrest of Sanjeev Bhatt. In this sense, he said, that Congress is equally responsible in Modi crime. If a politician victimizes an honest police officer for exposing a heinous crime, it is the responsibility of every political party to protest against the move.

    He exhorted every secular person to protest against the unethical victimization and arrest of Sanjeev Bhatt and demand his release. In a democratic country a clear wrong of such a kind should not be allowed to happen.

    Muslim Organization arranged press conferences in Delhi also and organized demonstration against the arrest of Sanjeev Bhatt.  In a press conference in Delhi Filmmaker Mahesh Bhat said that today, it was very important to stand together with Sanjiv Bhatt and his family and raise our voice against this move by Modi.

    Social activist Shabnam Hashmi who was also present at the press conference said that we all should join our hands and put forward a strong demand for the freedom of Sanjeev Bhatt.

    Meanwhile a group of civil society activists also staged a demonstration outside Gujarat Bhavan.
    All the speakers at the protest said that if immediate action is not taken against Sanjeev Bhatt’s arrest, an even bigger demonstration will be organized. Ramvilas Paswan was also present in the demonstration.


    1. A large number of social activists and citizens protested across India in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Allahabad, varanasi, Mau, Gonda, faizabad, Ahmedabad, KozhIkode, Patna, Araria, Guwahati, Raipur, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar and more place on a call given by ANHAD. Except for Mumbai none of them was organised by a ‘Muslim’ organisation, they were all human rights, activists groups and volunatary organisation, people’s movements.

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