BY | May 20, 2014

European satellite proves Antarctic ice loss gone up twofold. This seems to be very disappointing for people who have been trying to create awareness about it

Ice sheet in West Antarctic is at the centre of attraction. What has alarmed policy makers, governments, environmentalists and NGOs is the speed at which ice sheet is melting. It is understood that if continues at this rate then sea level will go up in coming years leading to global warming.The Cryosat spacecraft has been keeping a tab on how the ice sheet is behaving in the region and has a dedicated radar to not just see as to what is happening with the Antarctic ice sheet but also measure its shape too. This gives a very clear idea as to how the area was and how it has shrunk.


Another report says that the fast-paced melting of ice is increasing the sea level by around 0.43mm every year.
himalayas glacier

The situation has come to such a state that the melting of many giant glaciers is inevitable. This is no good news for environment. If not halted immediately, global warming will go up. Humans will face more extreme weather like flood, cold, heat waves and hot weather.



Richard Alley, a professor of geosciences at Pennsylvania State University, said: “We as people see it as closing doors and limiting our future choices. Most of us personally like to keep those choices open.” So the way out is reining of greenhouse gas emissions. It would be interesting to see whether governments and policy makers succeed in doing so. But the signs are not so positive. Theodore A. Scambos, lead scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, said: “It’s possibly the best evidence of real global impact of warming.”


The ice melt has become so fast that there are fears that many glaciers will melt pretty soon. Studies have shown that Muir Glacier at Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Alaska besides many other glaciers are on the verge of being completely destroyed.


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This is without doubt the most alarming news in this regard. Melting Antarctic ice shifting earth's gravity Climate change is having debilitating impact on weather across the world. And it is for all of us to see with many parts of the world being hit by harsh weathers...

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