BY | March 2, 2013

LG webOS, BlackBerry Z10, Mozilla Firefox OS, Ubuntu OS, Samsung Tizen are among new mobile operating systems that are trying to attract world’s attention towards them

The world mobile market is to undergo a rapid change this year. A lot of new operating systems are about to come to the scene to challenge the players like Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows Phone. For a while, we had only iOS and Android as dominant firmware items. Things have largely changed these days. Microsoft’s Windows Phone has really shaken up the market and it is now one of the top mobile OSes in market.

Well, the new trend in mobile market is the increasing number of software platforms. After the success of Windows Phone, we have just received a new upgrade for BlackBerry, called the BlackBerry 10 OS. Further, this year, we will get a host of new operating systems for mobile phones and tablet. Here is our rundown to some of the new platforms for mobile phones.

Mozilla Firefox OS: It has been officially announced at MWC 2013. This is an HTML5-based operating system that users can even run on Android devices with certain spec requirements. Mozilla, developer of the famous web browser Firefox, has now launched an operating system for mobile phones. At first, the OS will concentrate on entry level phones only.

ZTE and Alcatel have already announced two devices respectively the Open and One Touch Fire for the OS. LG, Huawei and Sony are also expected to come with Firefox OS devices sooner. There is no wonder in the news that Firefox OS is made for web and it will come highly synced with various web features. “Built entirely using HTML5 and other open Web standards, Firefox OS is free from the rules and restrictions of existing proprietary platforms,” Mozilla says.

Ubuntu OS: The South African open source firm Canonical has officially teased its upcoming Ubuntu OS for phones. It is a Linux kernel-based operating system that will lift up very severe threat to Android and Firefox OS as well. As per Canonical, Ubuntu OS will have a host of great features. Users can enjoy more immersive and user friendly experience with it. “Your phone is more immersive, the screen is less cluttered, and you flow naturally from app to app with edge magic. The phone becomes a full PC and thin client when docked,” says the company.

Samsung Tizen: It is the brand new mobile operating system from the South Korean tech maker. Samsung recently announced that Tizen would replace Bada OS and the company planned to unveil its first handset using the software this year. As per experts, Samsung has designed Tizen in retaliation to Google’s takeover of Motorola, a Libertyville-based phone maker. It is most likely that Samsung would turn its attention to its own OS in case Google moves ahead to give emphasis for Motorola products.

LG webOS: WebOS is originally developed by Palm and is owned by HP as of now. But, there is a rumor that the South Korean tech maker is to take over the operating system from HP, which ditched it after the failure to attract developers and consumers through a tablet called the TouchPad and a set of smartphones. If Samsung has its own OS Tizen, LG, also a key Android hardware developer, should have its own firmware to face off the possible demand in future.

BlackBerry 10 OS: BlackBerry, formerly RIM, has just released its new OS for mobile phones and tablets, the BlackBerry 10. The new version of the software features many exciting features including a new interface called the Flow that makes things quite easier for users. BlackBerry has also launched two devices for the platform. They are a touchscreen-only BlackBerry Z10, a strong iPhone killer in performance and form and a QWERTY-touchscreen handset the Q10.


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