Motorola Xoom Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4 upgrade begins


    This Wednesday Motorola announced that owners of Xoom tablet have started receiving the OS upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. However the update is only being rolled out to Wi Fi versions and not the 3G versions.

    Those owning the 3G version of Xoom will have to wait a bit longer.

    Manufacturers of Android tablets have laid low and have not come out with any bang announcements regarding the update to the latest Android OS, the Ice Cream Sandwich. ICS came out months ago and is the obnly software that can run both a smartphone and a tablet. It has been welcomed in smartphones. Peopler loved the way it worked. Then they started wondering why there are no ICS tablets yet if the software is supposed to wow with its dual dexterity. Even tablet makers did not have anything to say on this. This year some major announcements were expected in the CES, but the announcements of any such sort were conspicuous by their absence.

    There were just a couple of mediocre announcements. Lenovo and Asus showed off Android 4.0 tablets that are scheduled to be launched this year.

    Now Motorola has proved true to the promise of the early update, but it is also trickling in instead of flooding the users with the awesomeness of ICS. However, analysts are not very worried about those 3G version owners of Xoom who have been denied the upgrade to ICS because they say that 3G tablet owners are very few in number anyway. So the lack of any hint of a time-frame by which Xoom 3G owners can hope to get their upgrade is not so good, but not a disaster either.

    Motorola has further stated that the upgrade for the Xoom Wi-Fi tablet will go over-the-air via Wi-Fi to U.S. owners Wednesday.

    The Android update to ICS lets US user experience faster browsing and the Data Manager tool. . It also offers typing via voice and boasts a Data Manager tool for monitoring and controlling network data usage. This last tool is considered to be helpful to reviewers of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone running ICS.

    It was noticed by many bloggers that though Motorola claims that Xoom is the first tablet to get the Ice Cream Sandwich update, Asus Transformer Prime tablet was distributed a week ago with the new ICS working inside it!

    The Asus tablet is considered to be more of an Ice Cream Sandwich reference platform by developers and Xoom is taken as a Honeycomb reference tablet. So far, both the tablets are powered by Android 3.0 Honeycomb version.


    1. After I upgraded my Motorola Xoom Tablet to Android 4, I can no longer view tv episodes on line. Just see a small blue cube with a question mark on it. Same for many other video sites including youtube.

      Otherwise aside from a new font, not a noticeable change – if given the option, I would not have upgraded.

    2. As one of many in my circle who has a Xoom with 3g/4g capability who continually checks daily for the update it is troubling to know that this is views as “not a disaster” because “3G tablet owners are very few in number anyway”.

      We are the customers who spent more initially on the hardware, are spending more each month on data plans, and end up with the short end of the stick. After having the first generation iPad I decided the Xoom was the tablet to get next…after the stellar treatment I won’t make a similar mistake this year when the iPad 3 becomes available!

    3. Update: along with not being able to watch video on many sites anymore, I can no longer visit and play with their car configuration tool. All I get is the blue cube with question mark on it. Yeah, I’m loving THIS ice cream sandwich like no other!

    4. I bought a 3G model but nevet had Verizon service on it. I use it only on wifi. So does this mean i still wont get the update or will i get it as long as im on wifi?

    5. I got some kind of update yesterday on my Wi-Fi Xoom, and the interface looks slightly different, and a few apps no longer work, but it still says version 3.something (I don’t have it handy), and Build says something like “IML….”. Should it say “Version 4.x” somewhere if it’s “Android 4.0”? And the update didn’t call itself “Android 4.0”, “ICS”, or “Ice Cream Sandwich”, so how am I supposed to know if I got the update or not? Did I get a pre-update require before the big update could be installed?

    6. I stand corrected. It says “Model Number: Xoom”, “Android Version: 4.0.3”, “Kernel Version:”, “android-build@apa28#1”, “Build Number: IML77”.

      So I guess that means I’ve got ICS, but frankly, I’m not impressed. Looks the same as my old one, and I haven’t seen any stunning, amazing, incredible features that I didn’t have before…

      And my TV Guide Mobile App no longer works. Nor does Unlock on Wi-Fi Free.

      But the boot up screen does look more colorful and awesome. Kudos to them for that!

      Guess I’ll have to play around with it…

    7. And most of my live wallpapers now slow the unit to a crawl when flipping screens, which they didn’t on Honeycomb, although using the stock ones, (or plain wallpaper), screen flipping seem O.K….

    8. I got the update the other day, and so far not a big fan – Honeycomb felt more polished. The new font is taller meaning the keyboard takes up more screen space (maybe that’s an illusion though), everything is slower, tapping in text to edit is less precise (can be words away from where you tapped, and you then have to drag the cursor), a couple of apps no longer work, and email is random in which messages it downloads and is the slowest app of the lot.

      Visually, aside from the boot up screen, everything has a hint of ewwww to it – especially dislike the analog clock, the font the icons, and some screen flipping effects. The only plus really is wifi seems to be running better, with a stronger signal.

      Overall I pretty much regret updating – I suggest fellow owners research before updating.

    9. Looking at Ferris’s original post “given the option, I would not have upgraded.” My question is do we have the option? Can I refuse to upgrade for now untill all the bones have been picked out?

    10. After reading all the comments I think I will hold off on the ICS upgrade on my 3g/4g xoom until it is perfected. I did get my unit upgraded to 4g and it is awesome. I do feel that all the xoom owners that have supported Motorola by purchasing the more expensive models should aways be the first to get the upgrades. We have shown our support by making a sizeable investments in this product and that should be acknowledged by timely support in all future upgrades. Makes me wonder is Apples dedcation to their product and customer base the reason why their are so many Ipad owners? (HOPE I DID NOT MAKE A MISTAKE) seeing I use this product so much in ministry.
      Pastor Ernest Walker

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