BY | June 13, 2013

This would have become a reality in 2011 itself. But finally morning after pill over the counter availability will be a reality in United States within the next few weeks

Finally, after a very long wait morning after pill is set to become available to all women, irrespective of age in the United States. This is after continued fight by people fighting for teenaged girls’ rights to be also provided morning after pill to reduce the high number of teenaged pregnancy. Reports have detailed as to how the lack of morning after pill has exacerbated the problem in much of the US and how the young women are left hapless due to the lack of its availability to them.

This is the first time in the US that the administration is allowing even minors to be able to buy morning after pill without prescription. Though for many people it may still be an issue as many sections of the society still see the morning after pill from the prism of the religion. Many hard liner Christian societies still ask women not to take the pill as they have been opposed to any form of contraception.

The morning after mill should have been made available for over the counter sales as early as in the year 2011 FDA had almost completed all modalities to make it available. But then Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius overruled her own scientists in an unprecedented move.

There is no doubt that teen pregnancy is very high in most parts of the US. It is particularly higher in some particular sections of the society. A report while talking about the teen pregnancy and its reasons among Latinos says, “Teen pregnancy and childbearing remain a widespread issue for Latina teens. According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, the pregnancy rate among Latina teens was 107 per 1,000  girls in a 2008 study, more than double the rate among non-Hispanic white teen girls (43 per 1,000). Of those pregnant, Latina birthrate is also particularly high, with Latina teens having the highest birthrates in the nation (56 births per 1,000), more than one-and-a-half times the national rate”.

The judge while delivering the judgment in this regard said, “My order, however, is clear that the defendants may limit over-the-counter approval to the one-pill product if they actually believe such a difference exits…On the assumption that the Commissioner of Food and Drugs entertains a good-faith belief that the products should be treated differently, the defendants’ proposal is sufficient to comply with my order”. So finally it should be available over the counter in a matter of weeks.


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