Microsoft Windows 10 top five features: New OS may not be supported by machines, processors

Microsoft Windows 10 top five features: New OS may not be supported by machines, processors

Microsoft Windows 10 top five features: New OS may not be supported by machines, processors

Everyone is talking about only one thing right now, Microsoft’s Windows 10. As the latest version of the operating system for desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet and every other sort of machine is out, it has kept the world enchanted.

There is no denying the fact that it is the first time in many years that the company is getting this sort of praise at the launch of a new version. For many years it has been receiving only brickbats for operating systems that were simply no match for what it aspired to launch and far less impressive that the sort of claims it used to make.

Things are different. Critics too are finding it had to point finger at the operating system that is going to make devastating impact on the company’s adversaries including Google that has emerged as the biggest challenge for Microsoft’s hegemony.

windows-10 menuWindows has many features that will make things easier for you. There is an application that allows you to stream video games from Xbox consoles to desktop or laptop computers directly.
There is no denying the fact that the Windows 10 user interface has been designed in such a way that it can work well on all sorts of screens. It may be your old personal computer, your phone, tablet or even convertibles, it works on all sorts of machines and runs smoothly.

One feature that is going to impress almost all of us is its Continuum feature. It allows machines to switch automatically from touch-screen to keyboard

One improvement that will be loved by all of us is start menu. The Start menu that fell victim to Microsoft’s shift to “live tiles” in a prior iteration of Windows has been returned to its familiar place in the lower left corner of the screen, but users can opt for the tile interface.

As soon as you use Cortana you will fell in love with it. Cortana is actually a virtual assistant built into Windows-powered smartphones makes a debut on personal computers with Windows 10. Many people who have been using the feature on their handsets will be extremely happy to get it on their desktops and laptops. Cortana collaborates with Microsoft search engine Bing to find files or information people seek, whether on computer hard drives or on the Internet. The virtual assistant can also calendar appointments, play requested music, and more.

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