Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Will Intel Skylake Core M chip improve it

Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Will Intel Skylake Core M chip improve it

Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Will Intel Skylake Core M chip improve it

Redmond based tech giant Microsoft is going to showcase a slew of products in its forthcoming event slated to be held on October 4 in New York City. There is no denying the fact that the one product that is being talked most at the moment is none other than Surface Pro 4.

As speculations suggest the tablet/ laptop hybrid is going to come out with substantial improvements that is expected to make it all the more competitive compared to Cupertino based Apple’s iPad. Experts believe that after launching three top of the line tablets, Microsoft is now able to pack some punch in its Surface Pro tab that can unnerve the market leader.

A report in the Verge says, “Microsoft has started inviting media outlets to a special Windows 10 devices launch next month. The software giant is holding a press event in New York on October 6th to unveil a range of hardware running Windows 10.”

Surface pro 2 specs features accessoriesThere is no denying the fact that Surface Pro is being awaited the most this time due to the fact that its current version has impressed almost everyone. The extremely successful Surface Pro 3 laptop/tablet hybrid has gone on to become a massive hit and the next generation hybrid is expected to be much better than the current version.

Tech Radar in a report says, “The Surface Pro 4 could come in the same 12-inch form factor, in an effort to make it fully compatible with last generation accessories…Internally, the Surface Pro 4 may also feature a Skylake Core M chip, though, its other specs will reportedly remain relatively the same.”

The report further adds, “There have also been some more shaky rumors of a 14-inch variant – take that iPad Pro. This model would supposedly be a larger, high-end model”.

In the meantime one upgrade that is being talked about the most is Intel’s new Skylake chips. This news is going to change the complete dynamics of the tablets in the market at the moment. A report in the Forbes says that one of the reasons for why Microsoft may have delayed the Surface Pro 4 to this point is they have been waiting for the arrival of the new Skylake models. Nonetheless as it is yet to be confirmed there are others who have a different idea altogether. There are tech analysts who actually believe Microsoft may go in a different direction by using Intel’s Broadwell chips instead. If Microsoft does end up using the Broadwell chips, it would likely be because the company wanted to keep the Surface Pro 4 as thin as possible.

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