Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Vs. Apple iPad Pro: before release date comparison of features begins

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Vs. Apple iPad Pro: before release date comparison of features begins

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Vs. Apple iPad Pro: before release date, comparison of features begins 

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 may not have arrived in the market as yet, it is not even revealed thus far. Nonetheless comparison with Cupertino based Apple’s iPad Pro is already being made.

It is now clear that the tablet/laptop hybrid is all set to be showcased during the forthcoming Microsoft event slated to be held on October 6. It is despite the fact that the Redmond based software giant hasn’t spoken a word as to which product it is going to showcase during the event. Nonetheless as there is no smoke without fire, there is no rumor without some tangible facts.

So without Redmond letting us know as to which product it is going to showcase after two week’s time, the tech mavens are pretty sure that Surface Pro 4 and Band 2 are among the products that Microsoft will certainly showcase during October 6th 2microsoft-surface 2

Though the product is not already out, tech mavens are already making Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro comparison.

There are a few areas in which Surface Pro 4 will outsmart Apple’s iPad Pro. The Surface Pro 3 SSD was impressive, nonetheless it could still be improved in the fourth generation. There is no denying the fact that a super fast hard drive is a relatively cheap way to create a better experience that feels faster and more fluid. This will allow users to access and control their files more efficiently. Analysts are claiming that the Redmond is all set to update its SSD for the Surface Pro 4. Two months ago there was a report suggesting that Microsoft has invested massive amount of money in super-fast Samsung storage. Another reports suggest that there is substantial improvement in this aspect. Compared to the Surface Pro 3’s 600 MB/s transfer rate, the new model might offer up to 2 GB/s
If that is not enough, there is more in store for you. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is set to come out with impressive display. There is no denying the fact that Apple actually sets standards when it comes to display. iPad Pro comes with gorgeous 12.9-inch 2723×2048 resolution display. In the company’s own words, it’s the “best display they’ve ever made,” and it even bests what’s available in top-tier Macbooks.

Microsoft’s much appreciated Surface Pro 3 that comes with 12-inch screen boasts of 2160×1440 resolution. Compared to the iPad Pro, this is rather unimpressive, though not many people will mind with what Surface Pro 3. One news that is bothering many Microsoft fans is the rumor that the Surface Pro 4’s resolution would stay the same.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is going to have exceptional processor. Intel’s Skylake is the latest generation of Intel processors. The chip is a massive improvement over preceding Broadwell class, but they still promise greater efficiency. There are reasons to believe that your tab’s efficiency will be up substantially with the new chip.

A report while talking about the new chip says that older benchmarks suggest about a 15 percent increase over the previous standard. A jump like that won’t change anyone’s life, but it’s still worth having. Skylake is another modern standard that the Surface Pro 4 has to support if it wants to be considered a premiere product. It would mean even more for a tablet that could benefit from Skylake’s battery life efficiency tweaks. The iPad Pro has a new CPU in tow, so the Surface Pro 4 should as well. So things are rather looking impressive for the new tablet from Redmond.

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