Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date: What improvements Redmond giant will make

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date: What improvements Redmond giant will make

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date: What improvements Redmond giant will make

How the new Surface Pro tablet or Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will look like? With what sort of upgrade the Surface Pro 4 will come in the market. Will it have the same form factor or will it also see some changes. This and many more questions are being asked by Redmond based tech giant’s fans across the world.

By now we have a clear idea as to how the hybrid will look like and with what sort of upgrades it will come. Though this is not as clear as black and white, nonetheless we have very clear idea about it by now. As the release date has also been announced, this important question has also been answered.

Nonetheless this time Microsoft seems to have taken a leaf out of Apple and has kept lots of things unsaid. They have discovered after so many years that keepings many things secret goes on to pay handsomely in many cases.

Surface pro 2 specs features accessoriesThe tech mavens who have been trying to dig deep have got a perfect idea about the product, its design, besides its specifications and features.

According to latest rumors and leaks, some of which are directly attributed to Microsoft, the next generation tablet is expected to be made of the same magnesium alloy from its predecessor, but thinner and lighter.

In the meantime a report in the PC Tablet asserts that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be launched in two sizes — the 12-inch and 14-inch models.

As far as innards are concerned, the Surface Pro 4 is expected to have one major upgrade. The new version of the tab will come with Intel 6th generation Skylake processor. This processor will give two great advantages to Microsoft. It will help the company make the Prop 4 thinner and lighter. The processor is also expected to fix the heating issues that the Surface Pro 3 faced.

In the meantime a report in the leading tech blog Tech Radar says that till now it is not clear as to whether Microsoft will use the Core M line. This is important because the Core M will allow for the company to ditch the fan inside the laptop-tablet hybrid, cutting down noise and allowing more room for other components, without compromising thinness and design.

Another rumor doing the round at the moment is that the Surface pro 4 will be coming with 8GB and 16GB of LPDDR4 RAM and is expected to have a variety of storage space as well, raging from 128GB/256GB/512GB, and a probably 1TB version expected to appear on the shelves. As for its other storage specifications, the Surface Pro 4 is said to introduce a USB Type-C port for storage devices.

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