Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date update: Why this is such a big news for gamers, enterprises

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date update: Why this is such a big news for gamers, enterprises

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date update: Why this is such a big news for gamers, enterprises

Microsoft is expected to showcase at least half a dozen products in its much publicized October 6 event. There is no denying the fact that the tech giant wants to enter the hardware market full throttle and change the scenario. Nonetheless after several false starts in the past we can be sure that its smartphones –the company is launching at least two Lumia handsets – will not be called iPhone killers as tech analysts actually called them when it entered the smartphone market a couple of years ago.

The much talked about event set to be held in New York City is inviting lots of speculations. Nonetheless one product that is being talked the most is not smartphone but its hybrid Surface Pro 4. After the massive success of Surface Pro 3, there is a near unanimity among tech analysts that the new version is going to be a much bigger success than the previous versions, while many others are claiming that it will beat the hell out of iPad 2

But to actually tell this we will have to wait till October 6 when we will be able to touch and feel the hybrid.

There is no denying the fact that despite rumors of Microsoft going for two screen size, we are not sure if this is going to be the case, though it will certainly be welcomed by many people.

In the meantime a report while talking about it says, “it is expected to be made out of the same old magnesium alloy but would be a little thinner and lighter than the Pro 3. According to a Chinese news website cnBeta, the Surface Pro is going to launch with the two screen sizes this year, 12-inches and 14-inches. Many of the technology giants are now pushing their monster size tablets on the market and apparently the upcoming variants of the Surface Pro 4 are just the Microsoft’s way of telling how powerful a tablet computer can be”.

Another report, in the meantime says, “should that be the case, a recent benchmark suggests that the HD 530 has nearly double the graphics performance of the HD 440 that was used in the mid-tier Surface Pro 3. The study was conducted leveraging popular PC games like “World Of Warcraft” and “Civilization: Beyond Earth” as stress tests. Using the latter title as an example, the 530 scored a 43 for its 1080p resolution low. The Surface Pro 3 graphics option was only able to muster a 19”.

Latest speculations make it apparent that new hybrid will come in two different screen sizes as well as spec allotments. While earlier reports claim that the new device will be nearly the same form factor as its predecessor, a 14-inch screen option is still viable. One way to accomplish this feat is by decreasing bezel real estate to make room for a larger touch screen. In that way, Microsoft could easily sell 12 and 14-inch versions of the Surface Pro 4 that are the exact same size and support the same Surface Pro 3 accessories.

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