Samsung 16 TB SSD, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Hololens: Best Top 5 Gadgets of the Year 2015

Samsung 16 TB SSD, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Hololens: Best Top 5 Gadgets of the Year 2015

Samsung 16 TB SSD, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Hololens: Best Top 5 Gadgets of the Year 2015

The year 2015 saw many great tech products. From top of the line tablet, a great convertible laptop from Microsoft to the first USB Type-C devices, unbreakable display and many other products, we got many fascinating products from different tech makers. There is no denying the fact that many products came with next gen technologies that we couldn’t have anticipated merely a year or so ago.

Microsoft took the whole world by storm with two great products including its first laptop Surface Book and one of the best tablets in the form of Surface Pro 4. There is no denying the fact that both the products took the market by storm, with both critics and users being impressed by the two.

1- Microsoft Hololens
If there is one thing that has been a trendsetter and took the breathe of tech mavens away it was Microsoft Hololens. Microsoft edged past Google and came out with its connected eyewear. This means that Microsoft Hololens – the first fully untethered, holographic computer that allows high-definition holograms to integrate with the real world beat the Google Glass and appeared in the market. Nonetheless this is not intended for laymen and is aimed at designers, developers, and the like for holographic computing. A totally wirefree experience, it allows for visuals and ideas for new products come real. People who were heartbroken by Google are now eagerly looking forward to Microsoft Hololens.
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2- Microsoft Surface Pro 4
There is no denying the fact that Surface Pro 4 is among the best tablets launched not by just Microsoft, but also all other tablet makers. Surface Pro 4 powers through tough tasks, while being lighter than ever at 1.73 pounds (786g). The 12.3-inch PixelSense display has extremely high contrast and low glare. Go from laptop to tablet with the multi-position Kickstand and keyboard. And jot down notes and ideas with Surface Pen. The 6th Gen Intel Core m3, i5, and i7 processors inside Surface Pro 4 are not only more powerful, they’re quieter, run cooler, and are more efficient than before. It’s that kind of performance—plus impressive battery life of up to 9 hours1—that makes Surface Pro 4 your mobile workstation for running multiple professional programs simultaneously. And with the 5MP front-facing and 8MP autofocus rear-facing cameras, you can video conference with your colleagues from around the world with confidence. Then Writing with Surface Pen feels as fluid and precise as a ballpoint pen on paper. Use the Surface Pen to open a OneNote or to activate Cortana, your truly personal digital assistant. She offers time, people, and location-based reminders, and even books dinner reservations. Surface Pro 4 also packs the latest facial recognition camera technology. With Windows Hello, Surface Pro 4 knows you’re you, and will sign you in with no password galaxy s6 and s6 edge

3-Samsung S6 Edge
Samsung has seen its stock go down substantially as far as the top of the line smartphones are concerned. Earlier its handsets got almost as much attention from smartphone mavens as Apple’s iPhone. But of late Apple has moved far ahead of Samsung’s top of the line handsets as other Android handset makers poached on traditional Samsung fans. Nonetheless the most recent Samsung handset, Galaxy S6 Edge has impressed both analysts and end users. The handset launched alongside the Galaxy S6, the S6 Edge is also one of the first Samsung phones to support wireless charging. The dual-edged handset became so popular that Samsung warned of supply shortage soon after launch. Later the company came out with a handset with larger display in the form of S6 Edge Plus and it too got good response from the market.

4- Droid Turbo 2
Many smartphone makers were claiming that they will come out with a smartphone whose display will be shatter proof. While people were hoping that it will take a long time before we will be introduced to one such handset, Moto beat other smartphone makers and introduced the world’s first smartphone with a shatterproof display. The Moto X Force or the Droid Turbo 2 as it is called in the US comes with the Moto ShatterShield technology, which is an integrated system consisting of five layers designed from materials that absorb shock from impact and are guaranteed not to shatter. The handset also boasts top of the line specifications and features. It has a 21 megapixel camera and TurboPower charging. Samsung 16 TB SSD

5- Samsung 16 TB SSD
Another Samsung product that has impressed the tech mavens is Samsung 16 TB SSD. There is no denying the fact that this small SSD hard drive can pack an impressive amount of data.  Samsung broke all records of squeezing in a huge amount of storage in one unit. Arstechnica in a report says, “The rather boringly named PM1633a, which is being targeted at the enterprise market, manages to cram almost 16 terabytes into a 2.5-inch SSD package. By comparison, the largest conventional hard drives made by Seagate and Western Digital currently max out at 8 or 10TB…The secret sauce behind Samsung’s 16TB SSD is the company’s new 256Gbit (32GB) NAND flash die; twice the capacity of 128Gbit NAND dies that were commercialised by various chip makers last year. To reach such an astonishing density, Samsung has managed to cram 48 layers of 3-bits-per-cell (TLC) 3D V-NAND into a single die. This is up from 24 layers in 2013, and then 36 layers in 2014”.

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